One benefit of the Check-in Kiosk is that volunteers can sign up for opportunities on the spot, and they can check in to an opportunity even if they didn't previously respond to it. Sometimes, however, the opportunity they're looking for may not be listed. Here are some questions to ask if an opportunity isn't showing up as expected:

  • Is the opportunity expired? If the specified date for the opportunity or shift date is in the past, the opportunity will not show up in the Kiosk. If the volunteer has already signed up for the it and needs to log hours, direct them to the Track Hours page of their profile. (Agency managers and site managers can also log hours on the volunteer's behalf as needed.)
  • Does the opportunity occur within the next week? To show up in the Kiosk, an opportunity or shift must occur within the next seven days. If a volunteer wishes to sign up for something that occurs further in the future, direct them to your regular Connect site to sign up. (Agency managers and site managers can also create a need response on behalf of the volunteer.)
  • Does the opportunity have hours associated with it? When posting an opportunity, you'll see that the Hours field is required. If this field is blank, or if it has an entry of "0," the opportunity will not be available for check-in.
  • Is the opportunity full? If an opportunity has met its capacity, it won't be available for sign-up in the Kiosk. If a volunteer has already signed up for the opportunity, however, they will be able to check in to it.
  • Is the opportunity private? If a private need has been assigned to a user group, user group members will be able to sign up for it using the Kiosk. (It will appear with a "lock" icon.) For all other volunteers, private needs will not be available for sign-up.

If all of these conditions have been met, but the opportunity still is not showing up in the Kiosk, contact our Customer Care team for further troubleshooting.