This Curriculum is designed for you and is meant to help you achieve your goals.

We have built the learning experience around four main objectives.

You will learn:

  • How to make the site look and feel like your own United Way.

  • How to create core elements of your site.

  • How to work with your partners, what we call agencies.

  • And you’ll see what happens when a volunteer interacts with your site.

The Curriculum has several sections - or courses - that you can work through, depending on your needs. The courses are short and are designed to be worked through in manageable ways.

The courses are:

  1. How do I use this Curriculum? 
    • That's the lesson you are doing right now.
  2. What do I need to know about my site? 
    • This course introduces you to navigation of the site, who uses it, and key terms and concepts.
  3. How do I get started creating my site? 
    • This is basic site setup, including branding and registration.
  4. I'm ready to build out more elements 
    • You'll learn to use many of the core features of the site.
  5. Let's fit in the final pieces 
    • When you are ready, you can start using some of the more sophisticated parts of the software.
  6. My site's not new, but I am! 
    • This course is especially for people who are new in the role of a site manager. They may have inherited a site that already has at least some elements in place.

Which of these topics are most interesting to you?

Guided, but Unlocked