To accommodate corporate and other community partners you can utilize some of the features that you’ve learned about throughout this curriculum!

User Groups

The User Group feature offers plenty of opportunities to tailor the user experience for corporate partners. Here are a few components of the User Groups feature that may benefit them:

  • Personalized Page: With User Groups, you can create a page with a personalized banner (complete with the company’s logo) and needs for employees to explore. You’ll build loyalty and inspire corporate employees to volunteer with your United Way again. 

  • Private Needs: Create private needs just for employees of a company. You’ll encourage engagement with your corporate partners, employees will understand that they are making critical contributions to your United Way. 

  • Join Link: Access and send a link just for employees of the company, so it’s easy for them to join. 

  • Reporting: Thanks to your software’s tracking and reporting capabilities, corporate partners can share their impact with customers. You can export User Group reports to share with members, and members can export their group resume to demonstrate impact. 

To learn best practices for setting up User Groups for your corporate partners, visit this lesson

Spotlights and Image Rotator

Create a Spotlight for your Corporation of the Month. Link the Spotlight to a Custom Page that introduces the company and highlights employee volunteerism achievements. You can also use the Image Rotator to thank your corporate partners for their participation or sponsorship:

It’s a great way to recognize corporate partners and encourage other partnerships in your community. To learn more about Spotlights and the Image Rotator, visit this lesson


Initiatives are another way to group needs for corporate partners. Using the Initiatives feature, you can group needs based on volunteer segment, like employees of different corporate partners, or you can create a selection of needs based on a special event or time of year. 

Here are a few ways you can use Initiatives to engage your Corporate Partners:

  • Highlight your Initiative using the Spotlights feature or on social media, to encourage participation from corporate partners. 

  • Companies tend to encourage their employees to volunteer around the holidays, so why not create a “Season of Giving” Initiative that features your seasonal needs? 

  • Corporate employees may want to sign up for volunteer opportunities together; many United Ways create an Initiative of needs that are “Great for Groups” so it’s easy for teams of employees to locate these needs and respond together. 

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Links to Articles

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