Why use App Messaging

The Volunteer Get Connected App has been increasingly popular among our clients. As a site manager, you can now send messages as a notification directly to your volunteers who have the App installed. This feature will enable you to send people urgent updates or other information just like you would send an Email Blast - but directly to their phones.

Please note that the volunteers will need to have the App installed and have notifications turned on within their phone settings. Our system knows if those two things are true, and the filter within the messaging feature points you to those volunteers.

How to use App Messaging

The Mobile App Messaging feature is found in the Communications tab of your left navigation on your site manager dashboard.

Within that page, the filter defaults are set to find those volunteers who have the App downloaded and have their notifications turned on.

You can apply additional filters if you want to further narrow your list of people receiving the message.

Once you have your list, you will add a very brief title and a message that is up to 110 characters. As a point of reference, the placeholder text in the box is 100 characters. These messages are intended to be brief, functioning as alerts rather than conveying complex content.

Once you have crafted your short message, you click Send Message, and users will receive the message on their phones. 

When they tap that message (notification) on their phone's screen, they will be taken into the Mobile App.