Why You Might Use the "Quick Add" for Users and Hours

As a site manager, you may have times when a volunteer opportunity results in a sign-in sheet full of names and hours for volunteers who may or may not have profiles on your system. You have an option to "quick add" these users, assign them to a single need and record their hours. 

This way you can still capture this information on your Connect platform even if all you have is a sign-in sheet or other record of their volunteer work. This process helps you accommodate some agency or program managers or one-off opportunities as you continue to get people on board with using the site.

Additionally, if some of the names on the sign-in sheet are already your volunteers, the system will recognize that they already have a profile, and will move you along to enter the hours for that volunteer.

How the "Quick Add" Works

Under Volunteerism and Hours from your site manager dashboard, you will see a button labeled Quick Add Users and Hours

Clicking that button will take you to an overlay for adding users, responses, hours, and even user group membership. It is designed to be fast, and it's designed to be filled out for multiple users' service in quick succession. Within the overlay, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the email address for your first volunteer. The system will perform a search to see if that email is already registered on your site. If no one is found, click Add New from the drop down prompt. If the volunteer is already registered on your platform, you will be prompted to select their name. Then you can move on to adding hours for them.
  2. You will be prompted to enter a First Name and a Last Name. When you do, you will see help text letting you know that this user will be added.
  3. Next you will select a need, and if that need has shifts, you will be asked to select that as well. The need and shift information will fill in, and you will see help text letting you know that a response will be added for this user.
  4. If the need did not have shifts, you will fill in the Hours Details. If the need did have a shift, some of that information will be prefilled, but can be edited. 
  5. You will have the ability to add this volunteer to a user group as well.
  6. Now you can click Submit Hour Entry to add just this one user and their hours. Or you can click Submit and Start Another if you want to continue adding names from your sign-in sheet. The need and shift information will be carried forward, speeding up your task.

Viewing the Results

Once you have added all the names you want, you can close the form by clicking the X in the upper right corner. 

Now you will see the added users along with the details of the need, the user group, and the hours.

Because you added this information as a site manager, the hours are automatically approved.