A Site Manager may decide that a volunteer must watch a training video and answer a question before they are qualified to participate in the need/opportunity. Site Managers can incorporate a video into the Qualification process and ask the volunteer a Qualification question to ensure the volunteer watched the training video (and are therefore qualified to participate).  

Establishing a Video for Qualification

Let’s say an animal shelter volunteer wants to participate in the dog handling opportunity. The Site Manager would like to ensure the volunteer has watched a video on safe dog handling before responding to the opportunity. So, the Site Manager can choose to incorporate a video into the Qualification step and create a Qualification question that the volunteer must answer correctly to successfully respond to the opportunity. 

Follow these step-by-step instructions to link a video to a Qualification and provide a question to determine if the volunteer is qualified to participate.


2. On the Manage Qualifications page, click ADD NEW QUALIFICATION.

3. On the Create Qualification page, fill in each required field.

4. If you choose to use Auto approve, select either the Auto approve or Auto approve if the correct answer is selected option. Auto approve will automatically qualify all volunteers. 

5. If you selected Auto approve if the correct answer is selected: Choose the Correct Answer from the dropdown menu. When the volunteer views the video and submits the correct response, their status will automatically be set to Qualified. If volunteer selects the incorrect answer, they will be automatically marked Not Qualified. The volunteer will receive a notification of the result.

NOTEAuto approve if the correct answer is selected can only be applied to Radio Button or Dropdown Qualification types.

6. Set Permissions and Duration. 

7. Toggle Add Content Link to ON. This activates the Link URL and Link Text fields.

8. Copy and paste the link in the Link URL box. Add the video’s title or instructions like “Click here to watch video” in the Link Text box. Click CREATE QUALIFICATION.

Volunteer Responds to Video-Integrated Qualification

What happens when a volunteer responds to a video-integrated Qualification? Volunteers will follow these steps to view a Qualification video and respond to any Qualification questions: 

1. Select QUALIFICATIONS from the volunteer dropdown menu.

2. Locate the Incomplete Qualifications tab on the My Qualifications page. Any Qualifications that must be completed will appear here. Select the video link in Incomplete Qualifications.

3. Watch the video and respond to the Qualification question in the field provided. Click SUBMIT QUALIFICATIONS once completed.

If the correct answer is selected, the volunteer is automatically Qualified. A notification will be sent to the volunteer stating that they are qualified.

If the incorrect answer is selected, the volunteer status is marked Not Qualified. A notification will be sent to the volunteer stating that they are Not Qualified for the opportunity. To change this status, volunteers must contact the Site Manager to re-submit the Qualification. 

Learn more: Site Manager to Re-submit Qualification.