Stimulating positive interest in a child is every parent or guardian’s underlying goal. When the child is involved with civic-minded associations it helps build their character and creates a well-rounded individual.

In the example below, a minor is interested in volunteering at an agency that packages food and basic items for underprivileged families. Whether the minor volunteers on their own or requires adult supervision, they cannot participate until they and their parent or guardian have signed a waiver.

The Site Manager is eager for the minor to fulfill required Qualifications, then work hand in hand with other volunteers. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interest to get the volunteer qualified as quickly as possible.

The Minor

The minor (over the age of 13) has created an account and can log in to their User Profile. However, the minor cannot start volunteering until a Liability Waiver is signed by both the Minor and their Parent or Guardian. At this point, the Minor is responsible for the following items:

1. Log into Get Connected. Navigate to the Qualifications page. Complete the Qualifications associated with the need/opportunity or click Respond. The minor will be presented with the Waiver form. Follow the prompts to Submit. An email will then be sent to the Parent or Guardian prompting them to sign the Waiver.

2. Ensure their Parent or Guardian signs the Waiver.

3. Return to Get Connected. Click Respond on the need/opportunity to volunteer.

For more on Signing Waiver as a Minor, click here.

Viewing the Waiver Status

If a Minor Waiver has been initiated but has not been co-signed by the Parent or Guardian, the Site Manager will see the following on the Pending Qualifications page: 

If a Minor Waiver has not been co-signed by the Parent or Guardian, a Site Manager may choose to contact them directly.