Do you want volunteers to actively accept your organization's privacy policy before responding to a Need? You can use Qualifications to do it! In this article, we will cover how to use Custom Pages and Qualifications to ensure volunteers are actively reviewing and accepting your site's privacy policy before responding to a Need. Here we cover: 

Using a Custom Page for a privacy policy 

The first step is to create a Custom Page with your organization's personal privacy policy. Once you've done that, be sure to save the Custom Page's URL for the next step. You can always go back and copy the link through the site manager dashboard by going to Content > Custom Pages and selecting the Page Name. This opens the Edit Page where the link is: 

Qualifications and your organization's privacy policy

Now that you've created a Custom Page with your organization's privacy policy, it's time to link it to a Qualification. You'll need to create a new Qualification. You can customize the type, question, etc., to your liking; however, we recommend using "Required to Respond to Any Needs" under the Qualification's Permission setting: 

So you know: This is so that users aren't able to respond to Needs until they've agreed to your privacy policy.

Add a content link 

Turn on the Add Content Link button and paste your custom page's URL in the Link URL section: 

Volunteer perspective

Now when a volunteer clicks Respond to a Need on your site, they're directed to that Custom Page with your privacy policy: