If you report issues with viewing information or logos on your Connect platform, we may begin by asking you two questions:

Note for Internet Explorer (IE) Users: Form labels on your Connect site are not supported until IE version 10. If you are unable to see the labels in the forms, it's likely that you are using version 9 or earlier. You will need to update your browser (or switch to a different browser) in order to see the labels.

Which Browser Are You Using?

A web browser is a tool for finding, displaying, and sending information on the Internet. Commonly used web browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari.

Note: Various tools are available online that can tell you what browser you're using; one such tool is whatsmybrowser.org; another is Google's whatbrowser.org. Google's link will tell you immediately if you're using the most recent version.

Whatever browser you're using, we recommend that you have the most recent version of it. Instructions for updating your browser vary with the browser and the version; your browser's help resources or a web search should provide you with instructions, should you need to update your browser.

Have You Cleared Your Cache?

Screen-viewing issues can often be resolved by simply clearing your computer's browser cache. The rest of this article answers the following three questions: 

What is a Browser Cache?

Your browser cache is a temporary storage place for data on your computer. Specifically, it stores web pages, and it allows for faster processes since page data doesn't have to be recomputed or retrieved from the original location every time you return to a website.

Why Would I Need to Clear It?

Occasionally, it's necessary to clear your browser cache. You might have to clear it for one of several reasons:

  • It's gotten too large and is slowing your computer down.
  • Your browser isn't uploading the updated information on the site.
  • A web page doesn't load properly.

Here are some common problems that can be solved by clearing the cache:

  • You've added new photos, but they aren't showing up.
  • You've updated an agency logo, but the old logo is still being displayed.
  • Words or pictures are "running into each other" on the screen
  • Colors are appearing incorrectly (for example, blue is showing up as red)
  • You've submitted edits (to settings, a need, an agency profile, etc.), but those changes aren't being saved.

How Do I Clear It?

How you clear your browser cache will depend on what browser, and what version of what browser, you're using. This WikiHow article provides instructions for clearing caches on the major web browsers.