The weekly digest email is sent on Monday mornings to inform users of newly posted, public needs and events they may be interested in. Specifically, the digest focuses on the following three elements:

  • User interests - If public needs have been posted that match the recipient's interests, the digest will feature a link to those needs.
  • Fanned agencies - If public needs and events have been posted by the recipient's fanned agencies, the digest will feature a link to those needs and events.

The digest replaces the "Need Notification with Users with Interest" notification but does not replace the two "Agency Fan" notifications. For more information, see the sections below.

Note for Corporate Connect and Campus Connect Sites: The digest includes information about needs posted on both the Corporate or Campus Connect site and the Get Connected hub feeding into their site.

Discontinued "Users with Interest" Notification

Prior to February 2016, Get Connected's automated notifications included a notification titled "Need Notification for Users with Interest." Users received this notification anytime a need was posted that matched one of their interests. That notification was discontinued in February 2016, and the weekly digest replaced it. The digest was developed in part to help decrease the large volume of Get Connected emails that were being sent to volunteers daily.

Notifications for Agency Fans

While the digest includes information about public needs and events posted by fanned agencies, the following notifications have not been discontinued:

  • Event Notification for Agency Fans - Sent to a user whenever an agency they were a fan of posted a new event.
  • Need Notification for Agency Fans - Sent to a user whenever an agency they were a fan of posted a new, public need.

If you wish to deactivate these notifications (since the information in them is also included in the digest, you can do so by taking the following steps:

  1. From your site manager panel, click the Communication tab.
  2. Select Notification Templates.
  3. In the row of the applicable notification, select Inactive from the Status dropdown.

Note: For more information on agency fans, see our article, "Identifying Agency Fans"