This article applies to Site Managers of Connect sites that allow posting groups (such as agencies or programs) to register on your site.

As a Connect Site Manager, you can specify what information your posting group managers must enter in order to sign their agency or program up for your site. Of that information, you can decide which fields (if any) should be mandatory.

Accessing Registration Controls

Registration fields are controlled from your Manager Panel in Settings > Agency Registration.

The Registration Options page lists all fields from the agency profile. When signing up for your site, the agency manager will have the opportunity to complete their agency profiles, but you can also add any of these fields to the agency registration form.

To make a field available, mark the box in the Enable column for that field. To make a field required, mark the box in the Required column. If you do not want the field to be part of the user-registration page, make sure both checkboxes are cleared.

Changes are saved automatically; it is not necessary to click an Update or Submit button.

Note: If a question is required, all new agency managers will have to answer it before completing their agency registration.

Standard Registration Options

Listed below are the agency registration options that are available on all Get Connected platforms:

  • Contact Person
  • Contact Title
  • Additional Contact Emails
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Hours
  • Causes
  • Email (for requesting information, further details on a need, etc.)
  • Direct Link
  • What We Do
  • Who We Are
  • Facebook Link
  • Twitter Link
  • Website
  • Video
  • EIN

Note: For more information on these fields, see our article on the agency profile page.