This article applies to all Connect site administrators.

As a Site Manager, you have several options for sending messages to your site's volunteers. In addition to emailing volunteers individually, sending an email blast, or letting the automated notifications do the work, you can use the in-app messaging tool. In-app messages are accessed from the utility bar, where a "bell" icon notifies you that you have messages.

A volunteer's in-app message inbox contains two types of messages:

  • Messages from the email blast and automated notifications--in other words, messages that have also been sent to the volunteer's email inbox.
  • Messages sent through the in-app messaging tool in the Manager Panel.

Note: Volunteers who wish to receive in-app messaging only can opt out of emails by going to the Edit Profile area of their profiles.

Sending an In-app Message

As mentioned previously, emails sent from your Manager Panel (whether as email blasts or automated notifications) are automatically copied to the volunteer's in-app messaging inbox. You can also send messages exclusively through the in-app messaging tool.

Note: If an automated notification is deactivated, it will not be sent to the volunteer's in-app messaging inbox.

To send an in-app message:

  1. From your Manager Panel, select Communication > In-app Messaging.
  2. Use the recipient filter to select your recipients. You can create any combination of recipients by selecting fanned agencies, selected causes, selected interests and (for hub platforms) domains.
  3. Click Submit Filter. The displayed number of recipients will now show the new number of filtered recipients. If you are running a hub site, recipients will be separated by domain.
  4. Create your message using the Subject and Message fields provided. Note that you can control formatting, add links, upload images, etc., using the text editor.
  5. Click Send Message.

Reading an In-app Message

Volunteers can access in-app messages by clicking the "bell" icon in their utility bar.

Note: The logo that is displayed to the left of each message is controlled in Site Settings. Click here to learn more.

A volunteer can click on the message to view it, or they can click Go To Inbox to view all messages in their inbox.

Note: A volunteer can also access the in-app messaging inbox by going to View Profile and clicking Inbox.
From here, a volunteer can also mark messages as read or unread and can delete messages as desired.