This article is for Connect site managers. It shows site managers how to edit some of the automated notifications available on their site.

Your Connect site sends the following automated notifications to volunteers related to their volunteer hours:

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Note: Currently, there is no reminder notification to submit volunteer hours.

Benchmark Achieved

This notification is triggered your when a volunteer meets all of the criteria for an established benchmark on your site. Each night, your Connect system runs a "benchmark check" on all users on your site. It sends this notification to everyone who qualifies for a benchmark.

This notification's default message informs the volunteer that they've reached a benchmark. It names the benchmark, displays an image of the related badge, and offers the option to share the badge on social media.

The template includes the following template keys:

Template KeyDescription (Text that replaces the key in the message)
to_firstnameFirst name of the recipient
to_lastnameLast name of the recipient
to_emailEmail of the recipient
benchmark_nameThe title of the benchmark
benchmark_imageAn image of the badge associated with the benchmark
site_nameThe name of your Connect site
benchmark_dateThe date that the benchmark was achieved
site_linkA link to your site's landing page
site_sharingThe statement "Share your badge on Facebook or Twitter!" where "Facebook" and "Twitter" and links to share on those social media sites.
signatureYour site's custom signature

Volunteer Hours Declined

This message is triggered when an agency manager decline's a volunteer's submitted hours. It includes the following template keys:

Template KeyDescription (Text that replaces the key in the message)
to_userIdRecipient's Connect ID
to_firstnameRecipient's first name
to_lastnameRecipient's last name
to_emailRecipient's email address
agency_nameName of the agency that rejected the hours 
need_titleTitle of the need the hours are associated with 
hour_hoursNumber of hours 
hour_date_addedDate the hours were submitted
hour_date_updatedDate the hours were rejected 
hour_date_startDate of the need (as applicable) 
hour_milesHours traveled for the need, as submitted by the volunteer 
hour_descriptionDescription of the hours (as submitted by the volunteer) 
site_titleName of your Connect site
site_linkA link to your Connect site

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