This article is for Connect site managers.

Updated January 24, 2018 | This index is a work in progress. If you have a question about a particular template and cannot find an answer here, please contact us.

Note: For information on accessing, viewing, and editing notification templates, see the article Automated Notification Messages.

Note: The templates on your site may differ from those named below, for various reasons. Some may have been customized at your request, for example, or you may have edited some to better fit your site's message and brand. If you have any questions about discrepancies, please contact us. 

Volunteer Module

The Volunteer Module is the basic, standard module that most Connect clients use. (Other modules include Advanced Events, Disaster Response, and Service Learning.)

Email Digest

Beginning February 2016, the following automated notifications are being discontinued, and their content is being combined into a single digest email:

  • Need Notification for Users with Interest
  • Event Notification for Agency Fans
  • Need Notification for Agency Fans
  • Connect Hours Rejection: User

The new digest email, titled "Weekly Digest," informs users of new needs and events that may be of interest to them, based on their fanned agencies and indicated interests. If a user's submitted volunteer hours have been rejected, the digest email will include this information as well.

The digest includes links to make it easy for users to access the information summarized in the email.

Standard Templates

Standard templates apply for all Connect clients and relate to pending items, agency accounts, agency manager accounts, and agency-posted needs.

Click on one of the articles below to learn more about the various standard templates available.

Event Templates

Event notifications relate to standard events . Standard events are those that can be posted by an agency manager by clicking the Events tab in edit more.

Click on one of the articles below to learn more about the various event templates available.

User Templates

User templates relate to user accounts and passwords. Click here to learn more about the user templates.

Advanced Events Module

Advanced Events templates apply for those sites who use the Advanced Events Module (AEM). 

Click on one of the articles below to learn more about the various standard templates available.

Note: This article is updated regularly with new information about automated notification templates. Ultimately, it will contain detailed information on the following template types:

  •    Disaster Response Module (ReDI clients only)
  •   Service Learning Module (SLM clients only)

Until then, if you have a question about one of these template types, please feel free to contact us.