This article is for administrators and applies to both versions (1.0 and 2.0) of Get Connected.

Get Connected tracks the status of every automated notification and email blast message sent from your site. The status simply refers to what happened to the email after it was triggered or sent.

This article covers the following topics:

Viewing Email Statuses for Email Blasts

To view the statuses of emails sent via the email blast tool:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Communication > Email Stats.
    The Email Stats table shows the date each email blast was sent, the campaign name, the total emails in the original recipient list, and an option to export the statuses.
  2. Click on a campaign name to view the totals of the different email statuses for the email blast. A table displays the various statuses that resulted from the email blast.

To view the specific details of which recipients returned which statuses, click the applicable Export link in the Export column of the Email Stats table. Enter your email address click Email Export to have the spreadsheet emailed to you.

Viewing Email Statuses for Automated Notifications

To view the statuses of automated notification emails:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Users.
  2. Click on the name of the user to view. (You may need to search for their name first).
  3. In the user profile that is displayed, click Emails.

You'll see a table listing all of the automated notifications that have gone to that user. Here's an example:

See below for an explanation of the email statuses that may appear for email blasts and notifications.

Email Statuses

Emails from your Connect site will have a primary status of Sent or Skipped. Most emails from your Connect site are sent, though some may be skipped for certain reasons. Within those two statuses are a variety of secondary statuses, or sub-statuses. These are described in the table below.

Click on a sub-status to learn what action to take (if any) for emails displaying that status.

SentThe message has been sent, but the system has not yet received an indication of whether the message was delivered.
BouncedThe message was sent but was rejected by the recipient's email server.
Confirmed DeliveredThe message was sent, and the recipient's email system reported back that they received the message.
OpenedThe message was successfully delivered, and the recipient opened the email.
ClickedThe message was successfully delivered, and the recipient both opened the email and clicked a link that was provided in the email.
Domain Suppression
This means your site has email delivery disabled in your site settings. You can enable email delivery by going to Settings > Main Settings from your dashboard and toggling the button to Off beside Disable Email Delivery under Site Information
SpamReportThe message was sent, but either the recipient or the recipient's email system flagged the message as spam. See "Skipped: Previous SpamReport" below for more information on messages marked as spam.
Test AddressThe message was skipped (not sent) because the recipient address was a test address (one ending in
Previous SpamReportThe message was skipped (not sent) because the recipient (or their email system) flagged a previous message from your system as spam. No further emails will be sent to this address until the spam record is cleared.
Previous OptoutThe message was skipped (not sent) because the recipient has opted out of email messages from your system.
Previous BounceThe message was skipped (not sent) because a previous message to this email address bounced. No further messages will be sent to this address until the bounce record is cleared.
Invalid Email AddressThe message was skipped (not sent) because the email address is not valid.
Skipped by Template RuleThe message was skipped (not sent) because a site manager has deactivated the template.

Responding to Email Statuses

Most statuses do not require any action from you. However, if a status shows that an email was not sent, or was sent but not successfully delivered, you may need to take some action.


A status of "Sent" indicates that, although the email has been sent, the receiving email server has not responded to Galaxy Digital. Contact your email provider to see why the server is not responding.


If an email has a status of "Bounced":

  1. Ensure that the email address is correct (no misspellings, correct domain, etc.) and that the user's email system and domain are active. (An email may bounce if the email system was down when it should have been received.
  2. Have the user check to see if their mailbox is full or if their "out of office" response is turned on.
  3. If everything appears to be in order and the email address is an active address that should be receiving the emails but isn't, then you can try clearing the user's bounced record. 
    1. From the user's profile, you can manage their bounced record. 
    2. This option only appears when a user has a true bounced record
  4. Instruct the recipient to add to their safe-senders list ("white" list).

    Note: Galaxy Digital has previously given clients IP addresses to add to white lists when attempting to increase email delivery. Galaxy Digital now recommends white-listing the email address that has been approved for your site using the new Email From Address field in site settings. Please add that address to the white lists for the best results. You may also need to white-list the domain.

Confirmed Delivered

You should not have to take any action regarding email statuses of "Confirmed Delivered." Occasionally, however, a user may report that they are not getting emails--even though those emails show up as being "Delivered." If this happens, advise them to check any other email folders that they have, in case the emails are being incorrectly routed to somewhere other than their inbox. If they still cannot locate the emails, they should contact their email provider to see why the "Confirmed Delivered" status is being returned.


If an email has a status of "SpamReport," ask the recipient to (1) check their spam folder, and (2) change their email settings to accept emails from the and domains.

Test Address

If you report a bug or other problem with your site, Galaxy Digital may occasionally need to create a test address on your site for testing purposes. Your Connect system recognizes addresses ending in as test addresses and does not send notifications to them. Galaxy Digital's process is to deactivate all test addresses that we create on a client site; however, if an address is not deactivated as intended, you may see this status. Some clients also use the set up for volunteers who do not have email addresses but wish to have an account on the site so that they can sign up for needs and events.

Previous Optout

A user who has opted out of emails will not receive automated notifications or email blasts sent from your system. Direct the user to their profile, where they can opt back into emails.

Invalid Email Address

If you see this status, double-check to ensure that the email address is valid and correct.

Skipped By Template Rule

To activate a template, go to Communication > Notifications and select Active from the Status column for the template you wish to activate. To learn more about notification templates, click here.