As a Connect site manager, you can use text messaging to make important announcements regarding upcoming events, emergency needs, final updates and reminders, and other items of interest to the community. The process of sending a text message from your Connect site is similar to that of sending an email blast--only your message goes straight to the recipient's phone.

This article covers the following topics:

In this article, the term SMS refers to short message service, which is the formal name for text-messaging.

Getting Started

Two things must be in place before you can begin text-messaging your site's users: first, credits must be purchased; and second, users' mobile numbers must be validated.

Purchase Credits

Your site must have text credits before you can send text message from your site, and before users can have their numbers validated. Credits come in bundles of 1,000, at $10 per bundle (or $0.01 per credit). If you wish to purchase credits, email Galaxy Digital at to begin the process.

Validate Mobile Numbers

Text messages can be delivered only to those mobile numbers that have been validated. Your site's users are responsible for getting their numbers validated. Numbers are validated from the user profile; click here to learn more about is process from the user's perspective.

Note: Each validation code sent counts as one text message and uses up one credit.

Creating and Sending a Message

Like the email blast tool, text messaging incorporates the user filter so you can send messages to specific groups of people.

To create and send a text message from your Connect site:

  1. From your manager panel, go to Communication > Text Messaging .
  2. Filter your recipient list as you would for an email blast. The filter User Data > SMS > is > A Validated SMS User is applied by default. To filter it further, click the Plus icon next to Add New Filter and select additional parameters.

    Note: To create a specific list that you can use again, name the list and click Save User Filter.

  3. Type your message into the Message field.

    Notes: Maximum length is 160 characters. URLs are automatically converted to clickable links.

  4. Click Send Message to send the message.

When the message appears in a recipient's mobile phone, it will come from a five-digit "return" phone number. This number is determined by the system and cannot be changed. Responses to this number will not be processed, so you may want to provide an alternate response number or email address if you are expecting recipients to reply.

Viewing Text-Messaging Statistics

For each text message that is sent from your system, the History tab provides information described below for a specified date range. Note that you can filter columns according to message text, sender name, recipient name, and group.

  • ID number - A unique ID number is automatically assigned to each text message.
  • Message - The message text. To filter messages by keyword, type the keyword(s) into the field at the top of this column and press Enter.
  • Sender - For validation code messages, the sender will typically be the user who triggered the code. To filter messages by sender, enter all or part of the sender's name in the field at the top of this column and press Enter.
  • Recipient - While the column shows the number of recipients, you can click the linked text to view the recipients' names. To filter messages by recipient, enter all or part of the recipient's name in the field at the top of this column and press Enter.
  • Date sent - Both date and time of day are shown.
  • Group - All text messages sent in a batch are part of a specific group, indicated by a 5-character group name. To filter text messages by group, type all or part of the group name into the field at the top of this column and press Enter.

Use the Table Filter as needed to show or hide columns.

Exporting Text-Messaging Data

To export the results of a search of text messages, click the Export icon above the data table.

Results are exported into a .csv file that can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

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