This article applies to all Connect site administrators.

All Connect sites use specific terms with specific meanings ("need," "cause," and "agency" are a few examples). If your organization wants to use a different term (for example, "opportunity" instead of "need"), you can request to have the term changed, or overridden, throughout your platform.

Note: Language-override items will not be translated for sites using the French-translation option.

Listed below are the Get Connected terms that we can change for you.


  • advanced event
  • agency
  • attribute
  • badge
  • benchmark
  • block (available for SLM clients only)
  • blog
  • cause
  • cluster
  • company
  • donate
  • donation
  • EIN
  • employee (used for "Employee Access Link" in advanced events)
  • event
  • fan (as a noun)
  • fanned (verb)
  • favorite (for the Favorite Agencies feature)
  • group (version 1.0)
  • Help (button on 2.0 dashboard)
  • initiative
  • interest
  • leader (available for SLM clients only; does not apply to team leaders)
  • miles (appears in the "Miles Traveled" field of the hour-submission form)
  • need
  • opportunity (Community Connect only)
  • partner (traditionally used to designate partner agencies)
  • phrase (appears in the search dropdowns; can be replaced by "word," keyword," etc.)
  • program (Community Connect only)
  • qualification
  • recent (appears in the "Recent Agencies" and "Recent Needs" headings on the volunteer dashboard)
  • respond

    Note: The terms response and respondent cannot be overridden.

  • résumé/resume (as in "volunteer resume")
  • skill (Community Connect only)
  • SLM (available for SLM clients only)
  • state
  • team
  • time-specific (shows up on agency profile page as "time-specific needs" listing most recently posted advanced-event needs)
  • user group
  • virtual
  • volunteer (as adjective: volunteer hours, volunteer schedule, volunteer email, etc.)
  • waiver (override applies to both eSign and click-wrap waivers)
  • worked (appears in the "Hours Worked" field of the hour-submission form)
  • ZIP code


  • Click here to register your organization.(Appears on the logged-out landing page for nonprofit managers who wish to create an agency account on a Connect site.)

    Note: The "Click here to register your organization" text replaced the previous default text ("Do you represent an agency? Learn what Get Connected can do for you.") in March 2018.

  • Complete survey (shows up on the button when someone completes a survey in Get Connected; language override is useful if you are using the survey tool as a sign-up or registration tool, and not for an actual survey)
  • From the Blog (default blog heading)
  • Get Connected (appears on the main page of some sites as "Learn what Get Connected can do for you." When clicked, it takes the user to the agency signup page.)
  • Get Involved, Make a Difference (the message on the main page your platform for a user who is not logged in)
  • I am at least 13 years of age. (statement that appears on the sign-up page for new users)
  • I have read and agree to the volunteer waiver.(waiver text for standard needs and/or advanced-event needs).

    Notes: (1) If you request new wording for the waiver text, specify whether you want the change for standard needs, advanced-event needs, or both. (2) The "volunteer" and "waiver" overrides to not apply to this item. If you are overriding either of those terms on your site, a second override will be needed here.

  • Making a donation to your local United Way (shows up in pop-up once someone has responded to a need or made a donationthrough the Connect site)

    Note: You can disable the pop-up completely in your Settings > Main Settings area.

  • Miles Traveled (appears in the "Miles Traveled" field of the hour-submission form)
  • Our Community (appears above the image rotator on the user dashboard)
  • Return to Our Website (button that appears in the utility bar at the top of any page in the non-manager view of the site)
  • Students Login Here (for sites using single sign-on)
  • Sterling Volunteers (as a phrase rather than individual words, appears on the agency profile)
  • Volunteer Now (button that appears on the dashboard for users who are not logged in)
  • Who we are (from the agency profile)
  • What we do (from the agency profile)

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