This article is geared toward site managers. For more information on your agency's volunteer schedule, see this article.

Prefer a series of short videos? You can view our video collection, Calendars and Scheduling.

The Scheduling area of your site manager panel includes a calendar that displays the shift needs (custom and recurring shifts) on your site, as well as the volunteers' responses. With this calendar, you can:

  • see how many slots have been filled for a shift, and how many remain
  • see which volunteers have responded to shifts
  • schedule people for shifts that still need volunteers
  • perform a variety of edits to shifts and responses
  • print a list of volunteers who are scheduled for any date

This article covers how to find what you want in the calendar as well as scheduling volunteers for shifts.

Note: The calendar displays shift needs and "happens on" needs. It does not display "runs until" or "ongoing" needs.

Navigating the Calendar

To access the calendar:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Scheduling in your site manager panel.
  2. The calendar has two views: one to view the volunteers who are registered for shifts on a particular day, and another to view the shifts. Click the blue Shifts or User Responses tabs near the top of the page to select the view you want.

The "User Responses" View

The User Responses view lists all volunteers that are scheduled to work on a given day. If more than five users are listed for a single day, you can click the View More button to open a full listing. Icons indicate if a response was for an individual or as part of a team.

Hover your cursor over a volunteer's name (don't click) to view the details of the shift.

Click on a volunteer's name to see actions you can take for a volunteer response. 

The "Show Shifts" View

The Show Shifts view lists all shifts for each day in the calendar. If more than five shifts are scheduled on a single day, you can click the View More button to open a full listing. The icons indicate remaining capacity for a shift.

Hover your cursor over a shift to see its details, including how many slots have been filled and how many are still available.

Click on a shift to see a dropdown menu of actions you can take for that shift.

Filtering the Calendar

You can apply one or more filters to the calendar to only see the needs and shifts that are relevant to you. For example, you can filter for shifts that have enough available spots for a group of people you are scheduling.

There are several filters to select from, and you are able to apply multiple filters to narrow your search.

Scheduling Volunteers for a Shift

There are two main ways to begin scheduling volunteers.

  • You can begin by clicking the main Schedule Volunteers button at the top right of the calendar.
  • You can click "Schedule users for this shift" in the dropdown by a need name. 
  1. If you begin with the Schedule Volunteers button, you will get an overlay that prompts you to pick a need/opportunity name and select shifts. After you click Continue, you will be taken to the page to begin building your roster.If you begin by selecting a shift from the calendar, you will be taken directly to this roster page with the need name and the shift already selected.
  2. You build your list of volunteers for the shifts by 
    • Searching for them by name, or
    • Searching for them by a category, such as a User Group. 
    • Then click the Add to List button.
  3. You can review and complete scheduling these volunteers, or you can add more volunteers to the list.

If you get a pop up with warning about conflicts or missing qualifications, you can either back up and make edits, or you have the ability to schedule those volunteers anyway. It's up to you.

Now those volunteers are scheduled for those shifts, and you can see them on the User Responses tab of the calendar.

Volunteer Engagement: Automated Notifications

Volunteer invitations and scheduling from the areas described above will trigger the following automated notifications:

  • Schedule Recruitment - Sent to a volunteer when a site manager (or agency manager) has used the Invite Volunteers button described above to let users know about an available shift. 
  • Schedule Assignment - Sent to a volunteer when a site manager (or agency manager) assigns them to one or more shifts. It includes a "message" area that provides the dates and times of the assigned shifts.

To learn more about the content of the notifications, see Shift-Scheduling Notifications.

Note: Both of these templates can be edited from your notifications-management area (Communication  > Notifications). For more information, see Automated Notification Messages