As a site manager, you can schedule volunteers for needs and for one or more shifts within needs. In this article, we'll cover:

Adding a single need response

You can add responses for volunteers to needs on your site—including past needs. 

  • Site managers can create need responses on behalf of a volunteer. For more information on how to create need responses, click here
  • This feature works for needs with all duration types—e.g., Ongoing, Runs Until, Multi-date, Happens On, Custom Shifts, and Recurring Shifts. 

Note: Because this feature is often used to add responses retroactively, a confirmation notification isn't sent to the volunteer when a response is added in this way.  

Scheduling available volunteers for shifts

You can schedule available volunteers for your shift needs with the Scheduling tool. Click here to learn how you can schedule volunteers using the Schedule calendar. This tool is great because: 

  • You can schedule volunteers for one or more shifts.
    • This tool provides you with a pool of available volunteers—i.e., volunteers who: 
      • have a profile that indicates they're likely available for the shift
      • haven't responded to a different shift during the same time as the one you're scheduling them for
      • haven't opted out of scheduling  

 So you know

  • The Scheduling tool is only available for needs with specific duration types, including: 
    • Custom Shifts
    • Recurring Shifts
    • Happens On
  • This tool can't be used for needs with duration types of Ongoing, Runs Until, Multi-date, or past shifts.   

✏️ Quick tip: You can assign a volunteer to multiple shifts at once with this tool. 

Note: When a volunteer is scheduled for a shift need, they'll be notified by email and in-app messaging.