Whether you're launching your new Connect platform or introducing new initiatives on a seasoned site, a good social-media strategy can be vital. Here at Galaxy Digital, we know a thing or two about promoting big changes. In this article, you will find an example of a successful social media campaign, and learn how you can implement it on behalf of your organization!

Why Should I Plan a Social Media Campaign?

Social media is the fastest growing way to reach out to your community and promote the big things that are happening at your organization. Social media is easy to access, quick to engage with, and available across multiple platforms—from desktop computers to the smartphone in your pocket! People view organizations with a thriving social media presence to be fun and “in the know.”

Make a Calendar

Begin by making a calendar to plan your social media announcements.  For new sites, we suggest launching your platform with at least a week of social media promotions, but you may extend this to a month or longer! You may also consider building in some time to gain more followers on your accounts.

Decide How Often You’ll Post

You want to gain excitement in your community, but no one likes to be flooded with posts on their feed! A good rule of thumb is 2–3 posts per day if your campaign is running a week. You may want to start with fewer posts, and amp it up as your big event gets closer!

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

When brainstorming on what types of posts to make, remember that you want your audience to stay engaged and excited. Collaborate with teammates, research other successful social media accounts and campaigns, and get inspired! This approach will help you create the most effective content for your campaign.

Mix It Up!

The best way to keep attention on social media is to use a variety of media tools. Videos and photos are awesome, especially if they include familiar faces that your followers may recognize! Create quizzes and polls, and use entertaining graphics and bright colors—all while intertwining your organization’s unique branding and messaging. The same picture posted every day isn’t super fun … but a week full of variety sure is!


At Galaxy Digital, we recently ran a campaign promoting a community school-supply drive that we participated in. Our marketing team collaborated and scheduled posts that would share the company’s involvement, encourage others to participate in the drive, and give visibility to our employees. The marketing team created infographics, produced a video, utilized the tool Boomerang (a fairly new app that works by taking a super-short, super-fast burst of photos and stitching them together into a mini-video that plays forward and backward) and took pictures that were used as promotion tools across social media platforms (primarily Facebook and Twitter). To generate even more traffic, the marketing team encouraged company employees to share posts on their personal accounts as well. Our schedule went as follows:

  • Boomerang #1: post in the afternoon, four days before event
  • Photos (5): post in the morning, three days before event
  • Boomerang #2: post in the afternoon, three days before event
  • Campaign video (created in-house by team): posted in the morning, two days before the event
  • Infographic 1: posted in the afternoon, two days before the event
  • Infographic 2: posted in the morning, one day before the event
  • Company photo: posted in the afternoon, day of the event

Which this successful campaign, we gained new Facebook followers, and our post engagements went up by 1,697%. Our Twitter presence also grew and received likes on every post.

Celebrate Your Success!

Ultimately, every organization will have their own unique vision of what pieces of the social media puzzle will best promote their site launch. There are many things to research and learn, and social media itself evolves at an incredible rate. Your new site is something to be celebrated, and promoting it will bring the best kind of attention to the needs, agencies, and events that exist on your new platform. So have fun, get a little creative, and shine! We can’t wait to see what you do!