Your Connect platform is an important reflection of your organization's brand, and a user's transition from your website to your Connect platform should be seamless. In addition to uploading banners and logos that communicate your brand, you can select the two main colors that appear on your Connect platform. These two colors are the primary and secondary colors.

About Primary and Secondary Colors

The following items show up as the primary color:

  • Most buttons, including the Respond to Need, RSVP and Submit/Update buttons
  • The search icon
  • Hyperlinks
  • Breadcrumbs

The following items show up as the secondary color:

  • Side navigation links
  • Top navigation highlighted items
  • Tabs in the Edit Profile and Manage Agency sections
  • Tool tips
  • Icons that represent details within a need/event posting (not the category or interest icons)

In the Dashboard example below, the primary color is bright blue, and the secondary color is bright orange.

Establishing Your Site's Colors

To select colors:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Settings > Main Settings.
  2. Under Site Design, enter or select the Primary Color and Secondary Color in the applicable fields.
  3. Click Update Settings.

For more information on branding and color codes (including specific instructions on how to select and enter colors), see Branding and Color Codes.