Your Connect platform offers access to several types of waivers for volunteers:

This article explains the basic features of each, including what makes each unique, how they are applied on the site, and how volunteers can access them, along with other details about the volunteer experience. Each section ends with links to more information about using each type of waiver.

Note: As a site manager, you can opt to override the word "waiver" on your site with something else. Contact our Customer Care team to request an override.

Waiver (eSign) Qualifications

As part of the Connect platform's Qualifications feature, waiver qualifications use Galaxy Digital's eSign technology. These documents are uploaded and managed from the qualifications-management area of the site manager panel (Volunteerism > Qualifications).

  • Unique Features: Waiver qualifications are the only Connect waivers that can be signed electronically. A site manager can upload both an adult and a minor version of a waiver. A site manager can also upload a scanned, signed waiver for a volunteer in lieu of an electronically signed one.
  • Application: Waiver qualifications can be applied either site-wide (where the waiver must be signed in order to view any need), or they can be applied to one or more needs (where the waiver must be signed in order to respond).
  • Volunteer Access: Volunteers can access waiver qualifications in the My Qualifications section of their profile. If a waiver qualification is applied to a need, volunteers can access it from the need posting as well by clicking the Sign Waiver button that appears in place of the usual Respond button.
  • Volunteer Experience: While some qualifications are optional, a waiver qualification is required if it has been added to a need. A volunteer will not be able to complete their need response until the full, signed waiver is submitted. If a "minor" version is used, a copy of the waiver is sent to the minor volunteer's parent or guardian, and that person must sign before the minor can complete the need response.
  • File Format Allowed: PDF

Note: Galaxy eSign is not available for advanced events.

For more information on waiver qualifications, see Waiver Qualifications: A Guide for Site Managers. For more on the volunteer experience of waiver qualifications, see Signing and Submitting a Waiver.

Rather watch the movie? Check out our videos on eSign waivers!

"Clickwrap" Waivers for Standard Needs

With a "clickwrap" waiver, the volunteer checks a box indicating that they agree to the waiver conditions. Volunteers cannot sign this kind of waiver electronically, but they can click a link to view it before agreeing to it.

  • Unique Features: For standard (non-AEM) needs, an agency or program can upload their own waiver and attach it to the need. Site managers can also upload clickwrap waivers when posting needs from the site manager panel. 
  • Application: For standard needs, these waivers are specific to the volunteer opportunity. They cannot be applied site wide.
  • Volunteer Access: This waiver appears at the bottom of the need-response form.
  • Volunteer Experience: If a waiver has been added to a need posting, it will be required for any volunteer who wishes to respond to the need.
  • File Formats Allowed: Word documents (.doc, .docx) and PDF

For standard needs, only one of these waivers can be uploaded per need. Click here to learn more about how an agency or program manager can post a need.

Advanced Event Module (AEM) Waivers

Note: Galaxy eSign and need-specific waivers are not available for AEM.

AEM waivers can be uploaded to an advanced event from the AEM-management area of the site manager panel. These waivers are "clickwrap" waivers that apply to all needs within an advanced event. You can differentiate whether a waiver must be agreed to by an agency manager (to post needs for the event) or a volunteer. Like other waivers within your Connect system, AEM waivers are required once added. In other words, an agency manager must agree to the agency waiver before posting a need, and volunteers must agree the volunteer waiver before completing a need response.

  • Unique Feature: Applies to AEM only. A site manager can upload multiple waivers to an advanced event, for both agency managers and volunteers.
  • Application: All AEM waivers apply to all needs within an advanced event. AEM waivers cannot be added to specific needs within an event. A volunteer must agree to the same volunteer waiver each time they respond to a need within the advanced event.
  • Volunteer Access: This waiver appears in the "Terms and Conditions" area of the AEM need-response form.
  • Volunteer Experience: If an AEM waiver has been added, it will be required for any volunteer who wishes to respond to the AEM need.
  • File Formats Allowed: Word documents (.doc, .docx) and PDF

For more information on uploading waivers to an advanced event, see Implementing Waivers for an Advanced Event. For more on advanced events in general, see Advanced Events: The Basics.