Introduced in 2018, Galaxy Digital's exciting and user-friendly eSign technology can be used to collect secure eSignatures for waivers and other agreements. Once they are signed electronically, documents are saved to the user's profile.

Site managers can upload both an adult and a minor version of an eSign document if they wish. If a document for minors is used, the minor must provide the name and email address of their parent or guardian, who will then be notified and asked to electronically sign their portion of the document.

While several different types of waivers can be used on a Connect platform, Galaxy's eSign technology is only accessible within the QualificationsĀ area. Once an eSign document has been attached to a qualification, it can then be made available to volunteers in one of the following ways:

  • eSignature can be required in order to access any needs on the site.
  • Waivers for eSignature can be attached to specific needs, and a volunteer must sign them before responding to those needs.
  • Documents for eSignture can be made optional for volunteers if the document is not required to access or respond to the need.

A volunteer can access any eSign qualification by going to the My Qualifications area of their user profile.

Like all qualifications on a Connect platform, eSign qualifications can be given expiration dates by a site manager. Unlike other qualifications, they are approved automatically once submitted. (Other qualifications are pending until approved.) In some cases, a minor's parent or guardian may have to eSign a document before it will be auto-approved for the minor.

For Further Information

See below for more information on using eSign qualifications: