Some Connect sites may ask that you electronically sign a waiver before viewing or responding to a posted opportunity. Geared toward volunteers, this article explains how to access, sign, and submit a waiver, whether you are an adult volunteer or a minor.

Notes: (1) This article refers to waiver qualifications, which use eSign technology. For information on other types of waivers available on a Connect platform, click here. (2) Your site may use a term other than "waiver" to refer to waiver qualifications. If it does, your site may not reflect the exact language and screenshots used in this article.

About Adult and Minor Versions of a Waiver

If a site has two versions of a waiver (one for adults and one for minors), the system will first check your profile for your birthday before giving you access to a waiver. If your birthday isn't available, you'll be asked to enter it. Once the system knows your birthday it will direct you accordingly:

  • If you are over 18: You will be directed to the adult version of the waiver. Once you've submitted the e-signed waiver, you'll be returned to the volunteer opportunity, where you can proceed to sign up.
  • If you are a minor: You will be prompted to provide your parent or guardian's name and email address. When you submit that information, two things will happen:
    • You are redirected to the waiver to sign your portion of it.
    • A copy of the waiver is sent to the email address you provided, and your parent or guardian will be asked to sign and submit their portion of the waiver.

Once both you and your parent or guardian have submitted signatures, you will be able to access and respond to the volunteer opportunity.

Video resources: Check out these videos for more information! eSign: Sign a Waiver as a Volunteer (for adult volunteers) and eSign: Sign as a Minor (for minor volunteers).

Accessing a Waiver Qualification

There are a couple of ways to access a waiver on your site qualification:

  • From your My Qualifications area, or
  • From the posting of a volunteer opportunity that requires a waiver

My Qualifications

All waiver qualifications on your site are stored in the My Qualifications area of your volunteer profile. To access it, click on the profile dropdown in the top right-hand corner of your page, and select Qualifications.

This opens the My Qualifications area, which features an Incomplete Qualifications table at the top of the page, including any waivers for you to sign.

From here, you'll need to consent to sign the waiver, and then you can view and sign it. If you are a minor, you will also need to provide the email address of a parent or guardian so that person can sign the parent/guardian portion of the waiver. (See above to learn more.)

Opportunity-specific Waivers

You can also access waivers from within any individual opportunities that require the waiver. Within the opportunity description, you'll see any qualifications that are needed. 

When you click the Respond button you will get an overlay that prompts you with all of the qualifications needed, including any waivers. 

Click the link to sign the waiver electronically. You'll see an eSign Confirmation pop-up and will need to click Continue to proceed. If you are a minor, you may also need to provide the email address of a parent or guardian so that a person can sign the parent/guardian portion of the waiver. (See above to learn more.)

Signing and Submitting a Waiver

When you click to view a waiver, you will go through one or more of the following steps:

  1. Enter your birthday. If your birthday isn't already in your user profile and there is a version of the waiver for minors, you will be asked to enter this information. This way, the system will know which waiver you need to sign. Once you've entered your birthday, it is added to your user profile.
  2. Provide a parent or guardian's name and email address. If your birthday indicates that you are a minor and the waiver has a version specifically for minors, you will be prompted to enter your parent or guardian's name and email address. They will then get a an email with a link to the waiver so they can sign their part of it.
  3. Sign the waiver. Once your Connect site has displayed the waiver on your screen, scroll through the waiver and use the dropdowns to enter the information requested. The font used for signatures, initials, and date is the same for all volunteers.
  4. Click Complete Signing at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click Yes to confirm that you have consented signing the waiver electronically.

If you accessed the waiver from an opportunity posting, you'll be returned there, where you can complete your opportunity response. If you are a minor, you will need to wait for your parent or guardian to sign their part of the waiver. Once they've submitted their signature, you'll be notified that you can return to the opportunity and complete your response.