While volunteers can use Galaxy Digital's eSign technology to sign and submit waivers on your Connect platform, site managers can also upload electronic copies of signed paper waivers. The volunteer will then be approved to access or respond to any need that requires the signed waiver qualification.

To upload a waiver for a volunteer:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Users.
  2. Click on the user's name to open their profile. (If you have a large user database, you may need to run a search in order to find the person's profile).
  3. Click Qualifications, located under the user's name.
    The Qualifications area will include a couple of tables: a Qualifications table, listing all previously submitted qualifications, and an Incomplete Waivers table, listing any active waivers on your site that have not been signed by the volunteer.

    Note: If there are no active waivers on your site, or if the volunteer has already signed the active waiver(s), you will not see an Incomplete Waivers table.

  4. In the incomplete Waivers table, click on the title of the waiver you want to upload.

  5. In the Add Waiver(s) dialog box that opens, click Upload File.
  6. Browse to the file and click Open to pull it into your Connect platform.
  7. Click Submit Waiver(s).

Once you have submitted the waiver, the volunteer is marked as approved for that waiver qualification. They can now access or respond to any need that requires the qualification.

For more information on setting up waiver qualifications, see Waiver Qualifications: A Guide for Site Managers.