Your site may request that volunteers electronically sign a waiver or meet certain qualifications (such as proof of certification) in order to view or respond to volunteer opportunities. For qualifications that are not waivers, you can collect user qualification data as part of the registration process. For waiver qualifications, you can require that a user e-sign the waiver before they can view or respond to any needs on your site. If the waiver is only required for certain needs, you can apply the waiver qualification to individual needs.

Note: Qualifications are not available for advanced events.

Qualifications and Registration

Qualification information can be collected as a step in the user-registration process. Once the volunteer provides the required information, they will be able to view all needs (if the qualification is required to view needs), or to respond to those needs that required it.

To activate the qualifications step for new users:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Settings > User Registration.
  2. Under Options to hide registration steps, switch the "Qualifications" Registration Step to ON.
  3. Click Save Options.

With this setting, all new users will see your platform's qualification questions as a final step in their registration.

Note: For more information on setting up registration steps, see Your Connect Site's User Registration Form.

Waiver (eSign) Qualifications

Waiver qualifications can be integrated into the registration steps just like other qualification questions.

The volunteer can also find the document in their My Qualifications area, located in an Incomplete Waivers table.

If the waiver is required, when the volunteer clicks to respond to the need, they will be prompted to sign up for your site before they can access it.

Click here to view our video library on eSign waivers.