When disaster strikes, you naturally want to help. At those times, it’s even more important for volunteer centers to be able to match you with the right need. If your volunteer center has a ReDI System site for disaster response, you can easily identify specific skills that you have that might be needed.

You may already be signed up on a Connect site for general volunteer needs. If you are, know that signing up with the Disaster Response site is a separate registration process where you will provide disaster-specific information. For example, when you sign up, you'll be asked to indicate the specific equipment, skills, or experience that you possess.

Note: Your site may not feature all of the steps described here. Your site manager has the ability to turn off certain steps, and their choices will be reflected in your sign-up experience.

First, Create Your Account

Begin by going to your local Connect site and clicking the Sign Up button, located at the top of your screen.

Note: The colors on your screen may differ from those shown in the image above.

You are then taken to the first step, Create an Account. Enter your name, email address, and any other requested or required personal information.

Next, type a password in both the Password and Confirm Password fields.

Note: Passwords must be at least eight characters long and are case-sensitive, but do not require capitals. Most Connect sites do not require a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Click Create Your Account.

Next, Complete Your Disaster Profile

This step provides essential information for disaster response. Complete the fields at the top of the screen for:

  • Emergency contact
  • Blood type
  • Whether you want to be notified by text in a disaster
  • Whether you have attended disaster training. If you select “yes” to the question, you will be asked to indicate what agency provided the training.

In the lower portion of the screen, you will be asked to identify the Skills & Services you possess that will be helpful in a disaster. You can check as many boxes as apply to you. Some boxes will ask for additional information if you check them, such as licensing information (see the plumbing selection in the example below).

When you have completed your selections, click Continue to Next Step.

Next, Select Causes and Interests

Depending on how your disaster response site is set up, you may be asked to indicate causes and interests that you're passionate about. This information will help your volunteer center inform you of the needs that are relevant to your interests. In the example below, you are asked to select Interests.

Both causes and interests are displayed with their icons in a grid like the example shown below. The interests listed on your site may differ from this example.

Once you have selected your causes or interests, click Continue To Next Step.

If Asked, Fan One or More Agencies

Most disaster response sites will not ask you to fan an agency as part of your sign-up. If you are asked, you click to identify any agencies that you're interested in supporting through volunteerism. Once you've fanned an agency, you'll receive emails whenever that agency posts new opportunities or events.

To fan an agency, click on it. Once you have fanned one or more agencies, click Continue To Next Step.

Is Your Site Asking for Qualifications?

If your disaster response site posts volunteer opportunities that require certain qualifications (such as a driver's license or required training), it may ask you to answer a question or show proof of a qualification in order to have access to those opportunities. Answer any applicable or required questions, and your site manager will review them and mark you as "qualified" or "not qualified." For more information on qualifications, check out these articles:

Once you have completed this section (which won't show up in your registration if your site doesn't use qualifications), click Finish Sign Up.

Now you’re ready to help when disaster happens!

Now your disaster response center can easily find you and contact you in the case of a disaster.

If you gain new skills or equipment and want to add those to your list, you can always log in to your profile and add those items. After you sign in using your email and password, access the Edit Disaster Profile page from your profile dropdown.

From there you can edit or add to your list of skills and equipment.

Be sure to click the Update Disaster Information button to save your changes.