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This article is for site managers who work with Anonymous and Plus-one hours. It covers the following topics:

About Anonymous Hours and Plus-one Hours

Anonymous hours are a tool that both site managers and agency managers can use to submit hours on behalf of volunteers who do not have a Connect account. This might include one-time volunteers without an account, volunteers under the age of 13, or volunteers without use of the internet.

Plus-one hours are a tool for volunteers to use when they have a Connect account, but they are joined in a volunteer effort by people who do not have an account. For example, the volunteer registered for a need and then brought along family or friends to help out. The agency still wants to record those hours, and so the Plus-one hours are attached to the registered volunteer.

Note: Plus-one hours are different from team registration. For information on teams, please see Managing Your Site’s Volunteer Teams.

Allowing Anonymous Hours and Plus-One Hours

Anonymous and Plus-one hours are optional features. To allow these types of hours on your site, go to Site Settings > Main Settings in your manager panel and scroll down to the Volunteers area. You will see several settings related to permissions for volunteer hours, including the settings for Anonymous and Plus-one hours.

Allow Anonymous Hours

  • On — Agency managers will have the ability to submit volunteer hours on behalf of volunteers who do not have accounts on your site. (This is done in the Time Tracking area of the agency manager view.)
  • Off — Agency managers will not be able to submit anonymous hours for needs.

Allow Plus-one Hours

  • On — Volunteers can designate how many people accompanied them to the volunteer opportunity and state their relationship. They and do this at check-in or from their Track Hours area.
  • Off — Volunteers will not be able to submit Plus-one hours.

How a Site Manager Enters Anonymous Hours

A site manager can add anonymous hours by going to Volunteerism > Needs, selecting a need, and scrolling to the Volunteer Hours area at the bottom of the page. Once you're there, click the Add Anonymous Hours button.

Next, use the fields provided to complete the information for those anonymous hours. Once you're done, click the Add Hours button.

How an Agency Manager Logs Anonymous and Plus-one Hours

An agency can enter both Anonymous and Plus-one hours. To learn about the agency perspective, see the article Anonymous and Plus-one Hours for Agency Managers.

How a Volunteer Logs Plus-one Hours

A volunteer can enter Plus-one hours at the check-in kiosk or by logging in to their profile and using the Track Hours feature or the self check-in. To learn about the volunteer perspective, see the article Plus-one Hours for Volunteers.

Approving or Declining Plus-one Hours

Anonymous hours that are entered by the agency or site manager do not need to be approved.

Plus-one hours follow the same approval rules that regular hours follow. For example, if all regular hours are set to be pending until approved, all Plus-one hours will follow that rule.

To approve or decline Plus-one hours:

From your site manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Hours to open your hours-management area.

  1. You will see Plus-one hours under the name of the registered volunteer who added those hours. The Plus-one hours appear below the registered volunteer’s name. If you hover over the icon beside the Plus-one hours, the text identifies these hours as related to the entry above.
  2. In the Status column, select Approve (or Decline).

No message is sent to the volunteer to alert them of the new status of their hours, but they can see their own hours, along with related statuses, in their Track Hours area.