Geared toward site managers, this article goes over how to access the filter and how the filter works. It also lists some commonly used filters. For more information on the user filter, see our larger, more detailed article on the user filter

The user filter is available to site managers, and it has a few important purposes:

  • Viewing and reporting on a selected group of users
  • Performing an action (such as activating accounts or adding to a user group) on a selected group of users
  • Emailing a selected group of users

In all cases, the user filter enables you to narrow your list of Connect users to those who meet certain criteria, such as email domain, responses to a particular need, birth date, and more.

Where to Access the Filter

The user filter is available to site managers and can be found in two places:

  • In your user management area (Volunteerism > Users) - Use this area if you want to export a list of selected users or if you want to perform a certain action on the list.
  • At the top of the email blast pate (Communication > Email Blast) - Use this filter if you want to email a list of selected users

To open the user filter on either page, click the User Filter link.

How the Filter Works

Use the user filter enables you to select one or more filter criteria, such as birth date, user status, or a response to a selected need. Here a quick example showing how to select a common filter:

When you submit a filter, the system pulls all users who meet your filter criteria. You can then export the filtered list into a spreadsheet, perform a specific action on the list, or send an email to the users within the list.

For more detailed information on how the user filter works, see the following articles:

  • The User Filter - This article goes over everything you might want to know about the user filter. It explains why the filter is important, goes over the different areas of the filter, and provides step-by-step instructions for using it.
  • Email Blast: Reaching Out To Your Site's Volunteers - This article on the email blast explains how to use the filter to email your volunteers.
  • How To Activate Imported Users - This article explains how to use the filter to activate your imported user list.
  • Adding User in Bulk to a User Group (video) - This video shows how to use the filter to add people to (or remove them from) a user group. Click here to read the article on the same topic.

You can also checkout our Frequently Asked Questions: The User Filter to learn what other site managers have asked about regarding this tool.

Commonly Used Filters

Because all Connect sites are unique, each site manager will value different filters valuable. The following resources point to filters that are particularly useful for reporting and the email blast:

Listed below are a few of the most commonly used filters that you may find helpful:

PurposeFilter Example (Click image for a larger view.)
To email volunteers with a certain interest about an opportunity you want to promote
To email people who haven't logged in for several months so you can get them excited about using the site
To email volunteers who participated in a selected initiative

To email your site's agency managers