As more people join your site and new user groups are formed, you'll occasionally need add new people to a user group, or remove current members from a user group.

Adding People to a User Group

There are several ways for a volunteer to join a user group on your Connect site.

  • A site manager adds them manually, either individually or in bulk.
  • They click a "join link" that is provided to them by a site manager or (in SLM) a user group leader.
  • They log in or sign up using a user group's allowed domain.
  • Assigned user groups can be included in a user import. For more information on how to set this up, contact Customer Care.

This article provides the steps for the first three methods listed above, as well as how to remove a user from a user group. 

Method 1: Manually Adding Volunteers

Volunteers can be added individually or in bulk. When manually added, volunteers are not notified that they have been added. If your site uses user group join questions, volunteers will not be prompted to answer these questions when they're added manually. They can, however, go to their profile area to answer the join questions later.

Adding Users Individually

To add an individual user to a user group:

  1. From Volunteerism > User Groups, click on the title of an existing group to open it.
  2. Scroll to the User Group Members area at the bottom of the page. If the group has any existing members, they will be shown in a table here.
  3. In the Add New Member box, begin typing the name of the volunteer you want to add to the user group. As shown below, the volunteer's name (provided they have an account on your site) will pop up.
  4. Select the volunteer from the name(s) provided so that their name appears in the field.
  5. Click Add New Member.

The volunteer's name will appear in the User Group Members table.

Adding Users in Bulk

Click here to view a video on adding volunteers to a user group in bulk.

Use the user filter to add multiple volunteers to a user group in bulk. For this method to work, the volunteers being added must all have a profile element in common: the same email domain, the same company, the same interest, etc.

To add volunteers in bulk to a user group:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Users to open the user management area.
  2. Run a filter to narrow the list of volunteers to those you wish to add to the user group. In this example, the site manager is running a filter for all volunteers whose email addresses end in ""
  3. Click Submit.
  4. From the Select an Action dropdown, select Add/Remove User Group.
  5. From the dropdowns that appear, select Add to the following user group, and then select the user group. In this example, the site manager has selected Galaxy Digital.

    Note: If the user group doesn't appear in the dropdown, go to Volunteerism > User Groups to ensure that the group is active.

  6. Click Update User Groups.

The selected users are now members of the user group. No notification is sent to inform them of this change, so if you want to let them know, you can use the email blast with the filter User Data > User Group > belongs to.

Note: You can also use the user filter described above to bulk-remove volunteers from a user group.

Method 2: Sharing the "Join Link"

Once you've created and saved a user group, your Connect system automatically generates a "join link" that you can copy, paste, and share. When an individual clicks on the join link, they'll be taken to a page to join the user group. If your user group includes user group join questions for new members, those questions will be displayed at this time.

To access the join link, go to Volunteerism > User Groups, and take either of the following steps:

  • Click on a user group title, and then click the Copy Join Link button on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Use the Table Filter to add a Join Link column for all user groups. Click Copy for a selected user group.

In both cases, the join link will be copied to your clipboard. You can then paste the link into an email to the people who are to be added to the group.

Method 3: Specifying an Allowed Domain

This feature is particularly useful if companies have been set up as user groups. If a volunteer signs up for your site using an allowed email domain (such as for a user group, they will automatically be added to that user group.

To specify an allowed domain:

  1. From Volunteerism > User Groups, click on the title of an existing group to open it.
  2. Scroll down to the Allowed Domains field and type the domain. In this example, the site manager has typed,

    Note: It is not necessary to include the "@" symbol in the domain; it will be added automatically. Separate multiple domains by a comma.

  3. Click Update User Groups.

If a volunteer's email address already has the allowed domain but they were registered on your Connect site before you set up the allowed domain, they will not automatically be added. You either need to add them manually or send them the "join link." You can use the Email Blast tool to send an email with the join link to everyone on your site who has the same email domain.

Removing Someone from a User Group

You can remove someone from a user group from your site manager panel. User group members can also select to leave a user group on their own.

To remove an individual from a user group:

  1. Go Volunteerism > User Groups and click on the user group.
  2. In the User Group Members table, find the row of the volunteer to remove, and then click the X in the Options column.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to remove that person from the group.

For information on how to manage user groups on your site, see Managing User Groups.

Leaving a User Group

A volunteer on your site can leave a user group at any time by going to their My User Groups area and clicking the X for a displayed user group.