Your Connect site offers numerous ways to view and report on group impact with user groups. This article provides details on several reports specifically developed for user groups.

Reports for Site Managers

User Group Members

Want to view or print a quick list of a user group's members? Go to Volunteerism > User Groups, select the user group, and then click the Export Members button, located in the User Group Members area.

For each member, the exported spreadsheet lists:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Date added to the user group

In addition, if the user group has user group join questions, each member's answers to those questions are provided in the spreadsheet.

User Group Summary

The User Group Summary report, available in the Reports area of your site manager panel, lists important information for each active user group on your site, including:

  • User group title
  • Total active members
  • Hours entered, pending, approved, and denied

As with many other Connect reports, you can filter the report by the date the hours were submitted and export the data to a spreadsheet.

Hours by User Group

The Hours by User Group report is available in the Reports area of your site manager panel. It shows hours entered, pending, and approved for all user groups on your site, for a selected date range. The date range refers to the hours worked, not when the hours were submitted. This report can give you an idea of the impact your various user groups are having in the community.

Top 50 User Group Prospects

If your site has multiple volunteers who share a common email domain (such as, those users may be good candidates for a user group based on that domain. This is particularly true if the domain is for a local company or other organization that may be interested in tracking their volunteerism. The Top 50 User Group Prospects report, located in the Users area of your Reports page, provides an easy way to see what the most common domains on your site are.

This report lists the most common email domains on your site and shows how many users have that domain. It does not include domains that are already associated with a user group.

User Group Résumé

The User Group Résumé is a front-end report that is available to all members of all user groups. It uses attractive, user-friendly graphics to convey the following information for the entire user group for the past six months:

  • Total number of volunteer hours submitted
  • Overall impact value
  • Number of members
  • Total number of needs to which the group responded
  • Number of volunteer hours by month
  • Number of need responses by month
  • Number of need responses by primary interest of the need, as entered by the person who posted the need
  • List of needs to which the group responded
  • List of agencies with the need responses are associated

You can access the résumé from your Volunteerism > User Groups area. To access it from the front end of your site, select My User Groups from their profile dropdown, and then click the View Resume button for the user group.