We know how important accurate reporting is. You want to keep track of how your site is doing, how much your volunteers are contributing, how much engagement your needs are receiving, and more! Your site includes several reports with key information to meet your organization's reporting goals. We have created a helpful glossary to define each report on your site, but here we cover: 

 So you know: Some sites have language overrides in place. You might see Agencies on one, and Programs on another. Or, you might see Needs on one or Opportunities on another. If you would like to discuss language overrides for your site, please contact our Customer Experience team for details.

How to manage your reports

How to find your reports

To get to your reports: 

1. Click Reports at the top of your menu. 2. Your Reports area includes Standard Reports and Data Explorers

So you know: Your Quick Stats shows you a breakdown of current hours, responses, etc. Click Today, Current Month, or Year to Date to see stats for those timeframes! When you're ready for a more detailed view, click the categories (e.g., Hours, Responses), to be taken to those reports! 

3. Click on a category to see a list of available reports (e.g., Favorites, Custom, Needs, Agencies, etc.). 4. Export, Filter, or review the information you need!

How to search for a report

To search for a report:

1. Begin typing the name of the report in the search field. 2. Select the report you need from the dropdown that appears.

How to favorite a report

To favorite a report: 

1. Find the report you want to favorite.

2. Click the star beside the report's title. 3. That report now appears in your Favorites

How to filter your reports

Once you've found the report you need, select the dates you need in the Date Range field and click Go to filter your results. 

So you know: Some reports also let you filter by Program, Opportunities, Initiatives, etc.,—depending on the report. 

How to export your reports

When you're ready, click the export button to have your report exported to a CSV.