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We have heard from users that they would like more search features including children, families, groups, or availability (weekdays, weekends, days, nights, etc). They would also like to search multiple categories simultaneously, such as searching by distance AND interest area.

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Hi, Michelle! We already have the enhancement requested recorded for allowing multiple-category searches, so rest assured that it is being considered for a future enhancement!

To enable searching by other categories (children, groups, etc.), we developed the "clusters" feature, which is a form of self-tagging that agency managers can do for both their agencies and the needs that they post. As an admin, you would create the cluster labels (children, families, groups, weekends, etc.), and agency managers could then select as many labels as apply when posting their needs. These labels can be searched as keywords, and/or you can create a link to a page showing only those needs with a certain label. For example, if you wanted to do a spotlight on family-friendly needs, you could do that.

To learn more about clusters, click this link: https://galaxydigital1.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204797810-Clusters

If you have questions or would like assistance creating clusters, please let us know at support@galaxydigital.com!

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