Include Contact information with volunteer opportunity

Contact information with volunteer opportunity: Include/tie in agency contact, phone and email to an opportunity rather than only the agency profile. Issue: Volunteers have to search for contact information.

Benefit:  this will help in connecting more people to opportunities. Goal should be ease of connecting potential volunteer to agency in order to volunteer.


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Hi, Kathleen! Others have requested this very thing, and we are currently working on an enhancement that will allow agency managers to include a contact name for a need! Thanks!

Would it be possible to add contact information fields that agencies complete when setting up their volunteer need/opportunity? Similar to the fields that are used when setting up an event? We have multiple volunteers who contact me directly daily or weekly because they only look at the link to the need in the email notifications and don't click through to get agency contact information. Plus, sometimes the need contact may differ from the agency's general contact information. Ideally, as a next level step, it would be great to be able to include the contact information in the email notifications, too.

Hi, Gina,

Thank you for posting! Currently in the notification "Need Response Thank You," there are template keys that allow the site manager to include the agency's contact information in the notification. To confirm to our development team the specific request, however, you are suggesting that the Need/Opportunity Form have a separate field for contact information, is that correct? I want to make sure I'm getting the correct essence of your thoughts here.


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Hi Maia,  yes, you have it correct. I think adding contact information that appears within the need listing itself would be very beneficial to the volunteers and agencies. I've found volunteers (especially those managing corporate teams or asked to join a corporate team) don't often click through to agency profile to see the contact information and, just like there is a field for additional notifications on each need, the agency staff person posting the needs sometimes is not the agency staff member managing the needs.  I'll look at updating our notifications as well - thank you!  - Gina 


Thank you!

To confirm: On the need form, there would be a separate field for contact information.


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