Ongoing opportunities (add weekdays, evenings and weekends as a selection for agencies when entering ongoing opportunities).

Ongoing opportunities (add weekdays, evenings and weekends as a selection for agencies when entering ongoing opportunities). We are including weekdays, evenings and weekends as clusters but this was done only recently.

Issue: Clusters have limitations. The potential volunteer will have to select Phrase in search filter and type in the word and the agency has to add those words to their description (and it has to be an exact match). Many agencies forget to add that information to their opportunity descriptions. If it’s not included in the description, a potential volunteer has to contact the agency to find out the schedule. How many agencies will go back and add that to their current opportunities 

Benefit: Make it easy and efficient for volunteers. Streamline the matching process.


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Hi, Kathleen,

Thanks so much for your suggestion. One thing you can do is list the need with shifts so that people can sign up for specific weekends, weekdays, evenings, etc. This may not be a solution for you, but I want to make sure you're aware that there is a way to specify that needs occur on certain days or at certain times of day--and volunteers can then sign up for specific dates/times rather than having to coordinate with the agency manager.

You could have the shift run for as long as you want it to. It wouldn't technically be an ongoing need, but you could make it run for a year or more.

All of that being said, I can certainly add your enhancement request and bring it up in a future meeting for discussion. Thanks for your feedback, and for wording it so clearly!



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