Feature request: additional staff

I would love to see an executive director field (with corresponding email) added to the organization page. There are many times when I wish to reach out to both the volunteer contact and ED of an organization, but the ED has no interest in receiving every notification. Additionally, it would be great if we could toggle who in an organization receives notifications.

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Hi, Libby,

Thanks so much for the suggestion! I can certainly put in a request that this field (or the ability to add a custom field) be added to the agency profile page. Potential new enhancements are considered on a schedule, and new enhancements are released roughly every two months.

Meanwhile, if you have ED information, you can put it in the "Comments" box on the agency profile that you can access through your admin panel. I know that isn't ideal, but it's at least one way to store that information within Get Connected.

Thanks again for your suggestion!

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