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You may want to periodically review volunteers' qualifications on your site. You may also want to keep a record of when certain qualifications (such as licenses or other certifications) expire so that you can remind volunteers to update them as needed. This article goes over the following topics:

  • The various duration options that are available for qualifications
  • What happens when a qualification expires
  • How to see which volunteers have expired qualifications (includes information on emailing those volunteers and manually changing an "Expired" status as needed)
  • How to access expired waivers

Duration Options

When creating or editing a qualification, you have the duration options of 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years from the date the qualification answer was added to the user's profile (not from when the qualification was approved).

The 1 week and 2 week options can be helpful for health related qualifications, such as verifying that a volunteer has exhibited no virus symptoms over that period.

In addition, there is a Forever option (where there is no expiration date) and an Expiration Date option (where the volunteer must manually enter an expiration date). The Expiration Date option appears as a separate field for the volunteer who is completing a qualifications form:

Note: If you select Expiration Date, the volunteer will be required to enter an expiration date.

What Happens When a Qualification Expires

When a qualification expires, its status will be switched from Active to Expired. At this time, a notification is sent to the volunteer, letting them know of the change in status.

This notification template is titled, "Notice of Expired Qualification." You can learn more about it here

Editing Expired Qualifications

To view which volunteers have expired qualifications on your site:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Qualifications and click Approval.
  2. Volunteers with qualifications in any status are listed. Note: Each qualification is shown in a separate row of the table, so volunteers with multiple qualifications will be listed more than once.
  3. From this point, you can:
  • Change the Expired status to something else; just click the Status dropdown for the qualification and select the updated status. (In most cases, you'll want the volunteer to update their qualification, which will result in it being pending, and you can approve it then.) Click here to learn more on manually changing a qualification's status.
  • Email volunteers with expired qualifications by clicking the Email Users button. Click here to learn more.

Expired Waiver Qualifications

When a volunteer meets a waiver qualification on your site, the signed waiver is saved on the My Qualifications page of their user profile. When the waiver qualification expires, a new link appears in the Incomplete Waivers area of the same page. The volunteer can then click it to access a new, unsigned waiver, and then sign it again as needed.

Note: While several types of waivers are available on a Connect site, waiver qualifications are unique in that they use eSign technology. All other waivers on the site are "clickwrap" technology, where a volunteer checks a box to indicate that they agree to the waiver.

If you need to access a signed waiver that has expired, contact Galaxy Digital's Customer Care team, and Galaxy will make the signed waiver available to you.

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