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When you're adding a new need, or when an agency is adding a new need and has the option of selecting qualifications, the need form will include a Qualifications dropdown.

To make it easier to find qualifications in this dropdown, you can set up categories, and then assign qualifications to the applicable categories. This setup can make it easier to find a qualification when posting a need, as shown in this dropdown with categories:

Note: If a qualification does not have an assigned category, it will show up in the list as "Uncategorized."

To set up qualification categories:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Qualifications to access your qualifications management area.
  2. Under the Qualification Categories area, click the Click here link.
    The Manage Categories page opens in a new tab.
  3. In the Add Category field, type the name of the category, as shown in this example.
  4. Click Add. The category appears in the table of categories on this page.

Once you have saved a qualification category, it will appear in the Qualifications dropdown on the need-posting form.

Note: Qualifications with the Not Required for Need Access  or Required to View or Respond to Any Needs permission levels are for administrative use only and do not appear in the Qualifications dropdown. Click here to learn about qualification permissions.

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