Public Release Date: Oct 29, 2018

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New Features for All Sites

Galaxy eSign

Galaxy eSign allows site managers to create digital waivers that users can sign electronically. Volunteers don't just check a box, they actually enter an electronic signature. eSign is built into your Connect platform's Qualifications feature, so it has all of the power you're already used to. It also allows site managers to create a unique version of the waiver for minors to sign and send to their parent or guardian for signature. Managers can also upload a scanned version of physical signatures as a fail-safe. Click here to learn more about setting up waiver qualifications using Galaxy eSign on your site.

Click here to view our video library on eSign waivers.

Updates to Existing Features for All Sites

Check for Qualifications Now Included in Team Signups

Until now, the system failed to check whether volunteers were qualified for a need when a team leader added responses on their behalf. The system now requires that all team members have necessary qualifications. If the user is unqualified, the team leader will be able to invite them to complete their qualifications and join the team themselves.

User Files System

Your Connect platform has featured a file-storage system for site managers to use since its inception. This system has been extended to user profiles. Managers can now upload files into a user's profile. These files are not related to qualifications and do not affect a volunteer's ability to respond to a need. This updated feature is primarily useful for keeping uploaded data in a volunteer's records. Examples might be survey responses, important pictures, or work the volunteer produced. Users and managers can both upload files to this area, but only managers can remove the files.