Connect site managers can upload waivers that use eSign technology to your site. Waivers can be used in a few different ways:

  • They can be attached as qualifications to individual needs. If the volunteer has not previously signed an attached waiver, they must sign it before they can complete their need response.
  • They can be set up as qualifications for general site access, where a volunteer must sign a waiver before they can access any of the opportunities listed.
  • They can be added as optional documents for signature.

All waiver qualifications are stored with other qualifications on your site. Stored with each signed waiver is a waiver certificate, which is a PDF listing the details of the signed waiver, including the signer, the time the waiver was signed, and the IP address from which it was signed.

Note: As a site manager, you can have the word "waiver" overridden by a term of your choice. Note that the override will apply to both e-Sign and click-wrap waivers. To learn more about waiver types, click here. To request an override, contact Customer Care.

This article explains how to access the waiver-management area and walks you through the following steps of setting up waivers on your site:

  1. Initial Setup: Provide a Waiver Title and Description
  2. Upload the Adult and Minor Versions of the Waiver
  3. Add Fields for eSign
  4. Activate the Waiver
  5. Create a Qualification for the Waiver (This step makes the waiver available to volunteers on the front end of the site.)

Once you've created the waiver qualification, volunteers will be able to access and eSign it. Once a waiver is eSigned, you will be able to view both the signed waiver and the waiver certificate.

Note: To learn how to upload a previously signed copy of a waiver qualification into a user's profile, click here. To learn more about other types of waivers that can be used within your Connect platform, click here. Note that eSign is available for standard needs only, and not advanced events.

Click here to view our video library on eSign waivers!

Accessing the eSign Waiver Management Area

The eSign waiver management area is located in the Qualifications section of your site manager panel. To access it:

  1. From your site manage panel menu, select Volunteerism > Qualifications.
  2. Under the Manage Qualifications heading, select Waivers.
  3. The Manage Waivers page lists any existing eSign waivers and includes a button to begin adding a new waiver. You're now ready to begin the initial setup of establishing waivers on your site.

Step 1: Initial Setup: Waiver Title and Description

When you add a new waiver to your platform, keep in mind that you will be able to create an "adult version" and a "minor version" of that waiver. Before uploading the different versions, you must first provide a general title for the waiver using these steps:

  1. From your waiver management area, click Add New Waiver.
  2. Fill out the Waiver Title and Description form. Note that a title is required while a description is not.
  3. Click Submit.

Your waiver will now have a unique ID, which you can see if you go back to the main Waivers page. Next is Step 2: uploading the adult and minor versions of the waiver.

Step 2: Uploading Waivers

Once you've submitted a waiver title (and description, if applicable), you'll be taken to the Manage Waiver(s) page, which features buttons for adding adult and minor versions of the waiver.

The Edit Waiver page has buttons for uploading two versions of the waiver:

Here are the steps for adding and uploading waivers:

  1. Click the applicable Add button to view the files on your computer.
  2. Browse to and select the waiver.

    Note: Only PDF files can be used for waivers.

    Once you've pulled it into your Connect platform, the button name changes to reflect the waiver filename, as shown here:
  3. Repeat the process if you are uploading a second version of this waiver.

    Note: If you only have an adult waiver, any need that requires it will be inaccessible to volunteers whose birthdays, as entered in their profiles, indicate that they are a minor. When they try to access the need, they'll see a message that volunteers must be 18 or older to respond to the need.

    Note: If adding an adult waiver and a minor waiver, you must add both waivers before uploading. Once you have clicked Upload Waiver(s) in the following step, you will not be able to upload an additional version for this waiver.

  4. Click the Upload Waiver(s) button.

Once you've uploaded the waivers, the Connect system will need to process them as it adds the ability to add eSign fields to the waiver. Processing may last a minute or more, depending on your file size. Reload the page to see if processing is complete. You may need to reload it a few times before you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Adding eSign Elements to a Waiver

Once a PDF waiver has processed, the original Waiver buttons will include the word Edit. In this example, the site manager has uploaded both an adult version and a minor version of a general liability waiver.

You are now ready to add eSign elements to the waiver. These are the fields that volunteers will be asked to sign, initial, or date, in order to complete the waiver.

To add eSign elements to a waiver:

  1. Click the applicable Edit button. The file you uploaded is displayed. Here is an example from an uploaded waiver:
    At the top of the page are three elements: Signature, Initials, and Date.
  2. Click on an element and drag it to the area of the waiver where you want the volunteer to sign, initial, or date.

    Rather watch the movie? This short video shows you how to drag different elements into your waiver!

  3. Once you have added all of the elements and are ready to move on, click Submit Page.
  4. Repeat the process for additional pages. Once you have submitted the final page of the waiver, you'll be returned to the original Manage Waiver(s) Page.

If you wish to delete an element you've added, click the X that appears next to it once you've dragged it into the document.

Minor Waivers

When you add eSign elements to a minor waiver, you will be prompted to specify which party (the minor or the parent/guardian) is to complete the field. Both the volunteer and their parent or guardian will be completing the waiver, and your selections at this stage will determine which fields are available to which signer.

Rather watch the video? This short video shows how the process works when setting up waivers for minors.

Step 4: Activating a Waiver

Once all of your waiver elements are in place, it's time to activate the waiver so you can make it available to your volunteers. All waivers are marked as "pending" until they are activated. You can see the status in the table listing in your waivers-management area.

Pending waivers also include an Activate Waiver(s) button on the Manage Waiver(s) page.

Note that the waiver buttons still include the word Edit. You can add or remove signable fields within a waiver as long it has not been activated.

To activate the waiver:

  1. Click Activate Waiver
  2. Click Yes to confirm that you want to activate it.

Important: A waiver cannot be edited further once it has been activated. If you notice an error in an activated waiver and want to change it, you will need to upload a new waiver and start over.

Step 5: Creating a Waiver Qualification

Once a waiver has been activated, it can be attached to a qualification. Qualifications are the "vehicle" for presenting waivers to volunteers. Once a waiver is part of a qualification, it can be made available for volunteers to sign, either as a response to a specific need or through the My Qualifications page of their profile.

To create a need-specific waiver qualification:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Qualifications.
  2. Click Add New Qualification.
  3. Fill out the qualification form as appropriate. Fields are listed below:
    Select Active to have the qualification appear in the user profile. Select Inactive to deactivate a qualification.
    Enter a title for the qualification. This title appears on the need-description page (under a "Required Qualifications" section), in your qualifications table, and in the user's profile. If an agency manager will be allowed to select the waiver for a need they are posting, the title will also appear in their Qualifications dropdown on the need-posting form.
    If you have set up qualification categories, select a category, if applicable. Click here to learn more about qualification categories.
    Type the question as you want it to appear to the volunteer.
    Select Waiver.
    This dropdown appears once Waiver has been selected above. Select the waiver. if the waiver has a version for minors, that version will be made available to users under 18.
    If you want the waiver to be required, turn this option ON.
    If you want to be able to attach the waiver to specific opportunities on your site, select Required to Respond to Selected Needs. If you want people to have to sign the waiver before they can access or respond to any opportunities on your site, select Required to View or Respond To Any Needs. If you want only qualified volunteers to see the opportunities with qualifications, select Required to View Selected Needs. To make the waiver optional, click Not Required for Need Access. For more information on qualification permissions, click here.
    Select the duration of the waiver qualification. In other words, select the time when a signed waiver will expired or will need to be reviewed again. If you want to give the volunteer the option of entering an expiration date, select Expiration Date. For more information on qualification durations, click here.
  4. Click Create Qualification. A green Qualification Added banner appears at the top of the page to confirm that the qualification has been created.

The waiver qualification will now be available to volunteers.

Note: If you select Required to View or Respond To Any Needs above, the qualification can now be attached to a need; click here to learn more about assigning qualifications to needs. If you did not select Required to View or Respond To Any Needs, volunteers can still access the waiver in the My Qualifications area of their profile.

Viewing Signed Waivers and Waiver Certificates

When a volunteer eSigns a waiver two items are added to their profile:

To access these documents:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Users.
  2. Click on a user name to open their profile.
  3. Click Qualifications in the profile menu.
    In the Response column, you'll see a View Waiver button and a View Certificate button for any waiver the volunteer has eSigned.
  4. Click to view a document. The signed waiver will be displayed on your screen immediately. The certificate will be made available as a PDF.

About the Waiver Certificate

The waiver certificate includes the following information:

  • Certificate Details - including the waiver name and ID number, the account of the site manager who uploaded the waiver, and the IP from which the waiver was uploaded.
  • Package Events - including the date signed.
  • Signer Events - including the name, email address, and IP address used by the signer.

This document is generated as a PDF and can be downloaded or printed as needed.

Waiver Qualifications: The Volunteer Perspective

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