You can get started making the site your own by adding some branding that is specific to your local United Way. You do these things yourself or work with your marketing team.

The Importance of Your Banner

Your Get Connected site will have a banner that runs across the top of the site. It displays prominently on the landing page for your volunteers - or potential volunteers. So you will want it to be engaging and representative of your organization. 

Your banner visibly displays your brand - who you are, the face you show to the world.

To the volunteers, it looks something like this:

So how do you create one of these? We have a simple process for making an appealing banner.

How to Create a Banner

The banner is created on your Main Settings page. On the right of that page, under Site Design, you’ll see a section for banners. Creating a banner is fun and not as intimidating as it might seem at first.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few tools and tips.

  • You can follow the steps in the article Banners and Icons

  • Canva is an easy-to-use design tool that is free. The templates and graphics make creating a banner easy. We made a video to show you how: Create a Banner on Canva. Heads up - Canva is not our software, so we can’t support it.

  • Hot tip: Before you start designing, you will want to copy or jot down the dimensions for both the desktop banner and the mobile banner.

Additional Branding through Colors

Site colors show up in several places - action buttons, navigation panels, and volunteer dashboards, to name a few. You can pick what colors you want to use on your site. We encourage you to use the established colors for United Way. If you have a marketing or branding team, you can check with them and they can provide your approved HEX codes.


Hot tips:

  • Using branded colors give your volunteers a consistent experience on your site that is easy to view and can make things easy to find.

  • But… changing up the colors now and then refreshes the site and prompts volunteers to look for what else might be new.

  • Either way is fine. Choose the approach that’s best for you.

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