Upload waivers for your volunteers to sign electronically. Waivers are simply another type of qualification. They just work a little differently. In this lesson, you'll learn waiver basics and find resources you need to become an expert!

Waiver Basics and eSign

Your agencies may post some needs that require waivers. Instead of having to wait for your volunteers to sign and return paper copies, we’ve made this process way more efficient. You can now upload PDF versions of your waivers to your site and assign them to specific needs. Your volunteers will be able to sign the waivers on your site using eSign technology. Learn how to set-up eSign in this video:

You can see these steps spelled out in detail in this article on Waiver Qualifications for Site Managers.

Where do waivers show up for the volunteer?

The volunteer will come across waivers just as they would any other qualification. Depending on how you set things up, they will see the waiver in one of three ways:

  • When registering on your site: You can use this option when you want everyone to sign a waiver, such as a general liability waiver.
  • When viewing or responding to a need: The permissions and requirement level you establish for a waiver will determine how this works. If a volunteer needs to "sign to see" they will get an overlay allowing them to access and sign the waiver.
  • In their My Qualifications page: Just as with other waivers, the volunteer can go to their My Qualifications page in their profile to see all of their incomplete waivers, as well as complete waivers with the approval status.

However they encounter a waiver, they can easily sign online and submit the waiver for approval.

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