Request Enhancement to Enable Agency to Collect Data Similar to Volunteer Resume

Below is a requested enhancement from one of our agencies, the City of McAllen, who uses our volunteer platform on a broad scale and frequent basis:

We are requesting access to generate reports for agencies such as those that are generated for volunteers.

 Having access to the economic impact value our volunteers make is a part of a monthly report we submit to our director and the City of McAllen. This information is also needed for award submissions we prepare.

We’d also like access to be able to generate reports for each of our volunteers as we are currently building our volunteer incentive program.

 These real time features would save us a lot of time and effort compared to exporting hours on a constant basis.

Thank you,

Jeanette Ahlenius

Volunteer South Texas

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Hi, Jeanette,

Thanks so much for your suggestion! Are you thinking of kind of a "Volunteer Impact Page" for agencies? We've had at least one other request for something like this, so I"ll be happy to bring it up at our next enhancements meeting. Thanks!


we were able to run reports that reflected the economic impact we were making by event, by zipcode, etc...

This is no longer available to me, a manager and official designee for the contract with our organizations, via the University at Albany site.  Can this be added back into our features, please?  I need the information for our grants and such.  Thank you.

Martha Asselin,

Director, Center for Leadership and Service

University at Albany


Our campus was able to generate these reports up until a few months ago.  It is most valuable.  Not sure why this feature was taken down.

Hi Martha, 

The good news is that we haven't changed anything about the reports that are available to our clients. Well, with the exception of adding a few new ones for site managers. I'm going to start a support ticket so we can get this figured out for you! 



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