Ability to submit enhancement requests via email

When we need something in the system we don't always know if its user error or just not an available feature. Because of this we contact support. It would be helpful if the things we learn are feature suggestions could be noted at that time, rather than receiving a response with directions to log-in and enter the comments again in this forum. 

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Hi, Michelle,

Thanks for taking the time to come to the Forum and submit your feature suggestions. The reason we collect them here is so that other site managers can see them and chime in if they have similar suggestions, and also to prevent multiple requests for the same features. In addition, having the suggestions in this central location makes us more effective and efficient in tracking them. It was more challenging when were accepting suggestions via our ticketing system, emails, phone calls, etc. We try to use our ticketing system to focus on requests for assistance, bugs, etc., and the collect suggestions here.

I'm sorry that this setup is not as convenient for you, but we've found it necessary to make our team more effective in supporting our clients. Again, thanks for taking a few extra minutes to record your suggestions here!

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