Allow Groups to Unregister themselves

It would be great if a project leader could unregister their entire group from the front end. Currently if a group signs up for an opportunity and they realize they can no longer participate there is no way they can unregister themselves. They have to reach out to a site admin who can unregister them from the backend.

It would be great if a site admin didn't have to do this for them. Also, project leaders think they should be able to find a way to unregister themselves so then they claim the site as "difficult to use" when they cannot easily find a functionality like that. This makes people not want to come back and use the site in the future. Simple functionality like editing group size and deleting a group I think should be possible for a project leader. Thanks!

Hi, Rachael,

This is already in our enhancement requests, so I'll bring it up at this week's meeting. Thanks!


This item was added an enhancement in version 2.13, released in March 2018. Click here to see the release notes for this version.

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