Ability to edit need or shift response but keep custom question answers intact

Hello, we get a lot of requests (especially for our Free Tax Campaign) to change a volunteers need response to a different shift. For example, a volunteer registered for a 1pm shift but wants to move their registration to a 3pm shift. Currently there is no way to move someone's response including all the custom questions they answered to another shift or need. So we have to delete their response and re-register them. For our Tax Campaign we need to ask several questions so this is very timely to re-enter all of the volunteers data into the new response. It would be great if we could edit someone's response to a different opportunity without the custom question data deleting. Thanks!

Hi, Rachael,

Thanks for the suggestion--I can see how this would be a problem. What you'd like is for the original answers to a need's custom question to carry from one shift to another. I'll add this to our enhancements list and bring it up in today's meeting. Thanks!


Hi Forum!

Great news! This request has now been adopted in the system! When a volunteer is moved from one opportunity or shift to another opportunity or shift the answers to their custom response questions will move along with them. You can also move a volunteer around within an Initiative, and their answers to Initiative response questions will move to the new opportunity or shift within that same Initiative. 

Happy Monday!


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