User Profile Fields - hiding or deleting fields such as "household income"

It is great that we can add custom fields to user registration, which also puts those fields into the entire set of fields on the user profile page. 

We would really love to be able to delete, or hide specific fields within the user profile as well. In particular the "Household Income" field, but also others. Perhaps another column on that "User Registration" page under site settings could be added. Currently we have "enable" and "required" and that pertains to the actual registration form. Maybe the page could have all the user fields and maybe the header changes from "Standard Registration Options" to "Registration & User Profile Fields" with a third column so the current "enable" column would be called "registration" meaning just what it does now, the field is included in the registration form; "Enable" would then mean if checked the field is active and showing within the profile (like income is now), if unchecked, it woudn't show up at all. And of course "required" is still required. 

I realize it's more complicated than that, but that's the part I can see! 

Molly Callaway
Montgomery County Volunteer Center

soon-to-be-user of Get Connected 

Hi, Molly,

Thanks for your suggestion. This suggestion has been added to our agenda for the next enhancements meeting.



Good news! The "Household Income" field will be removed in version 2.11, to be relased to all clients later this month.

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