Custom fields needed for agencies and needs

We need to be able to create custom fields within agency records to manage multiple things that can't be handled with tags, clusters and notes. Ideally we'd like to also be able to create custom fields within needs, but that is not as critical as within agencies for us. We need custom fields within agency records to indicate whether they've attended required trainings, to ask them specific yes/no and text questions. We'd like the option to make fields admin only, admin and agency view/edit only, admin and agency view/edit and visible to the public, as well as custom fields that admin can populate and can be shown to the public, but not editable by agencies. We use those features currently with the system we are moving from where agencies are asked to provide a specific description of how students volunteer with their agency, then if that is approved it is shown on the public facing side of the page in a field not editable by the agency. This is all related to our partnership with our school system where specific activites are approved for SSL hours and some are not approved. And the information needs to show to the public even when the organization is not actively recruiting... meaning there is no active need to show the information. All the custom fields also need to be available when records are exported so we can utilize the data. 

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Hi, Molly!

I'll recap your requests here:

  • Exportable custom fields for agencies that cover items such as training attendance and other questions.

  • Ability to make custom fields admin use only (similar to what we currently have for tags, where they show up on the site manager panel but not in the agency management area?)

  • Ability to apply certain permissions to custom fields regarding the ability to view and edit

  • Something similar for needs, but not as important as for agencies

Is this correct? I can add this to our enhancement agenda for this week, but I want to make sure I have a clear understanding.

Also if you can let me know what system you were using before, that would help me when presenting these ideas to Development.




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