Ability to mass import group registrations

I can't remember if I have already requested this but can't find it in the enhancement forum so submitting in case.

The ability to be able to mass import registrations associated to a group would be a huge help to us! We get so many people who send us spreadsheets and want us to import registrations rather than the project leader having to type in everything manually. However, there is no way to import group registrations so I am not able to import them unless I delete the group registration and mass upload and register everyone as individuals. however, this makes things complicated because then the team leader can't see their team and our records don't show them as a group. This issue leads to us having to manually add hundreds of volunteer responses to a group registration.

If this can be an enhancement that we could use for our MLK day in January that would be amazing!

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Hi Rachael -

I checked and does not look like you have requested this previously. I can see how this would be very helpful! Thank you for describing in detail. I will add this our list of items to discuss in our next enhancements meeting. 


This would be great!

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Thanks for your comment, Lynda! I will add your name to the list of people interested in this feature.

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I would like to +100 this idea! Please add this soon!

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I, too, would love this as an option!

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Ditto! This would be fantastic!

Note that you can import both users and user groups, so if you are looking to import individuals associated with groups, there is a way to do this. Contact our customer care team to learn more!

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