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Check in needs to be available via an app, not just mobile friendly. This has come up from volunteer centers across our state and other groups. Apparently there is a similar product with an app that a local university is looking at getting. Additionally, for a regional initiative we are a part of, they would like to see any volunteer hours tracking system they use to have an app.

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Hi, Michelle,

Our app is in development and will be released later this year. I don't know the details, but I do know that a check-in feature is being discussed. I will bring this up to the team that is working with the app developers. Thanks!


Any update on the app?

Hi Lynda -

I don't have any updates about an app specifically, but I do want to let you know that we're working hard on making the check-in process more streamlined and easier to use for both agency managers and volunteers. We hope to release these improvements in the next few months, so stay tuned!

Is a mobile app available yet?

Hi Oris!

The App is in final development stages and will be ready for testing soon. Once we get all the bugs resolved, we can then start writing articles, that's the last stage. After we get through those last phases it will be available. We are excited about the App and are glad that you are too. I'm not able to give out an official release date now but rest assured it is well underway. We will reach out to everyone to let you know about a release date and promote the new features via our email address, so keep a look out for that! 

Thanks for posting!

Ali Pettigrew

Hi everyone! 

I wanted to update you all that the App is now available and ready to download! By using the App, volunteers can now: 

  • Check their schedules for the opportunities they've responded to.
  • Get notifications, including location-based notifications when they arrive at a volunteer site.
  • Check in & check out when volunteering.Add hours later, if they did not check in and out.

Here is some information about the App and how volunteers can download it. Here is an article just for site managers about utilizing the App.

We are all very excited about the release of the App, and we hope that it will be a useful tool to you and your volunteers!  

Thank you for your support of this feature!

How can volunteers search for available opportunities using the mobile app?

Hi Orinzal, 

That is not currently a capability of the App. Check out this article that talks through what the App can and can't do. We will continue to improve and update the App, just as we do our core platform so keep an ear out for updates! 

Have a lovely Thursday,


We have some volunteers using the app but are having some conflicts when it comes to adding hours. The volunteer can add hours for an opportunity even though they have not responded for a specific shift. This is messing up our tracking of volunteers / opportunity. This app is useful for some volunteers but this "loophole" is resulting in a frustration on the program manager side. A volunteer can checkin to a future opportunity and record hours on the weong date. Please come up with a solution to connecting the response requirement and the app.

Hi Karyn, 

One of the ways we meet a variety of non-profits needs is to make sure the product is as flexible as possible. This is why we don't restrict when people log their hours. There are a variety of scenarios where someone may need to log hours ahead of time or after the fact. The way we accommodate for this is allowing each site to choose whether or not the hours are auto approved. This ensures that if a volunteer logs hours that are not correct, site managers and agency managers have an opportunity to reject or correct those hours. 

The App follows the same rules that the software does so this would need to be an over all systemic change. Do you think something like "Add a setting that would allow a site manager to choose to restrict the logging of hours to the date a shifted opportunity or happens on opportunity occurs" would meet the need your describing? 



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